Zhuhai's local talent policies coming out
2013-December-9 Source: zhuhai.gov.cn
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In five years, Zhuhai will import from home and abroad and cultivate 60 innovation and venture teams and 500 high-calibre personnel with maximum 20 million yuan ($3.3 million) of financial backup for a team innovation and venture project and maximum 2 million yuan ($330,000) for an individual venture project, according to the Blue Zhuhai High-Calibre Personnel Programme issued in August.

Zhuhai has been insisting on cultivating talents and encouraging innovation since 1992 when the Mega Science & Technology Prize was established. It has released and implemented a series of new supportive policies related to talents and innovation after the Talent Working Conference in August, positioning Zhuhai as a city that values knowledge and talents.

Talent Development Promotion Regulations: Zhuhai takes the lead in making local regulations. The Human Resources & Social Security Bureau is working out the details.

Blue Zhuhai High-Calibre Personnel Programme: The qualified innovative group and high-calibre personnel will receive support of up to 20 million yuan ($3.28 million) and 2 million yuan ($328,200) respectively, including business subsidy, business investment and loan guarantees. A monthly rent subsidy of 30 yuan ($4.90) per square metre with a maximum 500sqm will be provided within three years. Companies that contribute less than 200,000 yuan ($32,820) in the first year will receive full support of 200,000 yuan ($32,820), while those that contribute over 200,000 yuan will receive an additional 50 percent subsidy with a maximum of 500,000 yuan ($82,050) per year. Housing, job subsidies and insurance including child schooling, spousal employment, endowment and specific medical coverage will also be available.

Rent Subsidy Measures for Newly Imported Talents in Energetically Fostered Key Enterprises: Talents with PhDs and master degrees will receive a rent subsidy of 1,000 yuan ($164) and 600 yuan ($98.50) per month respectively; overseas returnees with bachelor degrees or highly skilled technicians with national technical qualifications and occupations in demand will obtain a rent subsidy of 300 yuan ($49) per month (for three years).

At the same time, 3,800 apartments will be offered to talents with 300 available and 3,500 more under construction. Additionally, a highest award of 500,000 yuan ($82,050) will be endowed to innovative and entrepreneurial personnel recommended by enterprises.


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