[GZ]Qiqiao Festival Celebration in Tianhe Zhucun
2013-August-13 Source: gz.gov.cn english website
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Qiqiao beggars have made their way from farmland to the city, carrying out a "living state" transformation.

Qiqiao works of art

Qiqiao works of art

The 2013 Guangzhou Qiqiao Culture Festival kicked off at the Zhucun Qixi Culture Square at 8 p.m. on August 7 in a drizzle. At the ceremony, naming plaques were presented to the outstanding inheritors of Qiqiao, the Guangzhou Qiqiao Culture Museum was dedicated, and a come-of-age rite was performed for local children.

Amidst intermittent misty rain, the Qiqiao Festival opened with a large-scale musical poem performance entitled "Qiqiao – the Dreams of Girls". A ceremony was also held to mark the opening of the Guangzhou Qiqiao Culture Museum, which is centered on the Ming-dynasty building complex and the Mingde Ancestral Hall at Zhucun. In addition to a new Qiqiao hall near the Mingde Ancestral Hall, the Renke Pan's, Meiyin Pan's and Dichang Zhong's Ancestral Halls have been upgraded to the Qianyun, Jinfeng and Yulu Halls.

Program of the Culture Festival

1. 7th Sister Ferrying

Date: August 7 – 14

Venues: Mingde Ancestral Hall, Beidi Temple, Qishe, Chen's Ancestral Hall, and Yiliang Pan's Ancestral Hall at Zhucun

2. Paying Tribute to 7th Sister

Date: August 7 – 14

Time: 10 a.m. daily

Venue: Mingde Ancestral Hall at Zhucun

3. 7th Sister Rice

Date: August 7 – 14

Time: 6 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. daily

Venue: Leisure Square of Mingde Ancestral Hall at Zhucun

4. Seeing off 7th Sister

Date: August 14

Venue: Across Zhucun

5. Garden Tours

Date: August 7 – 14

Venue: Qiqiao Courtyard and Qiqiao Culture Square at Zhucun

"Meet on Lovers Island" at Liwan

Source: Guangzhou Qiqiao Festival Opens at Zhucun


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