29 tasks defined on work of supervising law enforcement, inspecting government efficiency and rectifying unhealthy practices
2011-July-7 Source: english.gz.gov.cn
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To manage follow-up work after the 16th Asian Games in an honest and clean manner and other 28 key tasks are defined on the work of supervising law enforcement, inspecting government efficiency and revivifying unhealthily practices. On July 4, Bureau of Supervision of Guangzhou Municipality promulgated on its official website the Key Tasks on the Work of Supervising Law Enforcement, Inspecting Government Efficiency and Rectifying Unhealthy Practices in Guangzhou Municipality 2011. According to the document, auditing on Party and government cadres and leaders of state-owned enterprises during their tenure will be extended and projects bidding in the county-level cities of Zengcheng and Conghua will be brought into the unitary municipal system.

29 key tasks are stated in the document, including to manage follow-up work after the 16th Asian Games in an honest and clean manner, to strengthen the special rectification of food and drug safety, to deepen the rectification of exaction of education fees, to conscientiously implement remediation of unwarranted tolls, fines and exaction of transportation fees, to enhance the special rectification of glaring problems in the aspect of project construction, to actively promote economic responsibility auditing and to conscientiously implement the administrative accountability system.

During this year, the Municipal Supervision Bureau will vigorously carry out random and unannounced visits to expose stubborn unhealthy practices which are of most concerns of the public in the aspects of education fees, medical care, land acquisition, work safety, environmental protection, social security, pricing, legislative affairs, food and drug safety, administrative law enforcement and administrative service.

Management and supervision will also be reinforced in social security fund, housing fund, poverty relief fund, disaster relief fund and other livelihood-related special funds. Measures will be taken to reduce the burden on enterprises and a platform will be set up at the end of the year to deal with complaints on exaction of fees, warranted fines and arbitrary requisition of donations.

System reform will be carried out in the key aspects of project bidding, transfer of land use right, government procurement and property transaction. The county-level cities of Zengcheng and Huadu will be brought into the unitary municipal system to accelerate mutual recognition and sharing of information with the physical markets in nearby cities.

(Translated by Guangzhou Association of Foreign Affairs Translators)

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