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First in China! Face scans to take flight at Baiyun Airport

2020-August-6       Source: Newsgd.com

Baiyun Airport Terminal 1 now provides "One ID" service for travelers who purchase tickets with second-generation ID cards and take domestic flights (except Spring Airlines and 9 Air).

Baiyun Airport Terminal 1 now provides "One ID" service for travelers who purchase tickets with second-generation ID cards and take domestic flights (except Spring Airlines and 9 Air), with which passengers can use their facial ID to finish self-service check-in, luggage consignment and more.

(Photo provided to Newsgd.com)

The "One ID" service of Baiyun Airport follows the "One ID" concept of International Air Transport Association (IATA). With passenger facial feature information as the core, it combines passenger ID with travel information, and establishes an information database for each passenger.

When passengers go through self-service check-in, luggage consignment, security check, and boarding, the system extracts their facial features and associates them with their itinerary information. The system will automatically allow travelers to pass after verification. On the premise of ensuring safety, this method needs less certification and brings more convenience to passenger’s travel.

The "One ID" service covers the main travel procedures at the airport. However, this service isn't available to children under the age of 12 for the time being. Also Note, although passengers can scan their faces during the security check, they still need to show ID cards and other relevant identification certificates to pass the check, according to the policies of Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC).

(Photo provided to Newsgd.com)

Meanwhile, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the face scan function at the self-boarding gate has not yet been formally opened and will be allowed only after the pandemic, so as to avoid forcing passengers to take off their masks to board the plane during the pandemic.

A person in authority from Baiyun Airport said, as one of "Smart Airport" demonstration units of the CAAC, in recent years, the informatization development of Baiyun Airport has been at the forefront of airports in China.

To simplify check-in process and improve travel experiences, Baiyun Airport will continue to promote the "One ID" application in the next generation, and expand its coverage to smart flight display, terminal service robots, remote boarding re-check, and VIP services.

In the future, the airport will also promote collaboration with other airports, airlines, and government departments to explore international "One ID" services.

One ID check-in process:

Step 1: Registration and authorization

After purchasing tickets with second-generation ID cards, passengers must first register and authorize the "One ID" service on the "Baiyun Airport" WeChat account, self-service check-in or baggage consignment device.

Step 2: Self-service check-in

Passengers who have not checked in online can go through the check-in procedure by face scan on the self-service check-in machines on Island C and Island E, both equipped with the "One ID" service.

Step 3: Self-service baggage consignment

Passengers who need to consign their baggage can go through the procedures by scanning face on the self-service baggage check-in device equipped with the "One ID" service on Island C.

Step 4: Security check

Passengers can scan their faces through the security check. (Currently, due to the policy of the CAAC, passengers still need to show their ID cards and other relevant identification certificates after inspection.)

Step 5: Board at the gate

Passengers can scan faces to board the plane at the gates equipped with self-boarding device.

How to register "One ID"


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