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China Do Re Mi: Foreign talent important to China’s development

2019-September-27       Source: Newsgd.com

People from all around the world have been chasing their dreams in China, forming a key part of China’s effort to further deepen reform and opening-up, like an ascending diatonic scale.

Over the 70 years since the People's Republic of China was established, tremendous changes have taken place in China, creating miracles in the development of human history.


People of different ages from all around the world have settled down in China. Guangdong, the frontier of China's reform and opening-up, has been leading the country in terms of attracting foreign talent, due in a large part to the Belt and Road Initiative, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and Shenzhen’s new role as a pilot demonstration area. 

Foreigners come to China for different reasons, all chasing their dreams under the same sky, forming a key part of China’s effort to further deepen reform and opening-up, like an ascending diatonic scale. Newsgd.com has interviewed seven expatriates aged from 10-70 in Guangdong. 

Click here to read more about their stories. [Photo: Newsgd.com]

Yash from Singapore who is barely nine years old started a new semester at the Singapore School of Guangzhou with his friends from around the world in September. Born in 2010 during the Asian Games in Guangzhou, Yash said he would like to continue his study in Guangzhou when he grows up. His dream is to study science and medicine in the future to help the sick and change the world.

Nikita Nikandrov, a third year student from Russia, is among the first group of students of the Shenzhen MSU-BIT University. “With the BRI, Russian students can study together with Chinese students. We can make new ideas and businesses together,” he said. In his opinion, Shenzhen is a quiet and peaceful city with fast development. Fond of constructing plane, he said he will stay here to get a job after graduation, because he finds a lot of possibilities for his future career in the country.

Rachel Marie Rommeswinkel from the US has been living in Dongguan, Guangdong for about 20 years. She attended local Chinese schools and started her career as a beauty blogger with over one million fans on Chinese video website Bilibili and microblog Weibo now. She said she will keep sharing Chinese traditions, culture and technology through her videos and show the world the real China.

Leticia de Lassus, a passionate and dedicated educator from France, is the head of JJB International Montessori AMI Centers in Guangzhou. She agrees with the Chinese saying that “children’s education is like buttoning up one’s jacket. If the first button is fastened incorrectly, the rest will never find their rightful place.” She believes it’s very important to build educational foundations for children in the first six years.

Henry Xiao is a Chinese-American whose grandparents were born in Guangdong. After obtaining a doctorate in the US, he decided to come back to China to establish a bio-tech company focusing on cancer treatment in the Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City in an attempt to help save more lives. Xiao believes that his company which is located at the heart of GBA can enjoy multiple benefits in terms of new policies, government policies and capitals, especially the talent. He pointed out that China provides more opportunities for every country, and especially to foreign companies doing business in China.

Sean Choi, producer of the famous kitchen show Nanta, comes from South Korea and now lives in Guangdong. He said Guangdong cuisine is famous all over the world, and it has been good to introduce the Nanta Show to this province. Now Sean Choi enjoys his life in Guangzhou very much and plans to make a musical show about the city.

Stephan Mohler from Switzerland is the technical quality director at the Pearl River Pianos and has lived in Guangzhou for nearly ten years. He has led the technical team to establish a production line based on the standards of European top-flight piano manufacturing technology, and launch the Kayserburg Artist (KA) series. He thinks the secret of high quality lies in simple work done well. The biggest surprise for Mohler in China is that many talented young people like to work, learn to make good products and persist in their drive to be better.

Producer: Hu Jian

Production Manager: Mei Zhiqing

Executive Producer: Wing Zhang

Schedule Planner: Olivia Ouyang

Director: Keane Wong

Shooting & Editing: Luo Wenchen, Steven Yuen, Mia Lai

Reporter: Keane Wong, Monica Liu, Hannah Zhou, Jasmine Yin, Steven Yuen

Editor: Monica Liu

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