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News Headline
[China]Celebration for 10th anniversary of PLA's stationing in HK
[China]China hosts 1st visit by Iraqi president, cancels debt
[world]Pentagon's e-mail system hacked
[Guangdong]Cantonese Song for Asian Games Theme Song ?
[Guangdong]Dragon boats to race on pearl river this Saturday
[Pearl River Delta]Guangdong takes action to ensure pigs supplied to HK and Macao safe, stable
Weekly Highlights
Celebration for 10th anniversary of PLA's stationing in HK
Stone hit bus in Chongqing, 7 dead
China hosts 1st visit by Iraqi president, cancels debt
China holds anti-terrorist exercise for 2008 Olympics
Guangdong holds business seminar in Tanzania
Guangdong seals deals worth 138.4 bn RMB in PPRD Fair

Jiujiang Bridge collapses after hit by boat -- Rescue work goes on [latest update:09:00]

Painting contest held ahead of cultural fair

[Guangzhou] Eight New Attractive Places of Liwan District Selected

Upgrade guangzhou subway way-finding system

China beat S Korea 5-2 in women's soccer friendly

Guangdong Through Lens (2002-2007)
China's Stock Market
The 101st Canton Fair
NPC & CPPCC 2007
Top 10 GD News, 2006
Six-party Talks
Airshow China 2006
Forum on China-Africa Cooperation
Doha 2006 Torch Relay in Guangzhou
Play Golf in Guangdong
The 100th Canton Fair
70th anniversary of Long March
CPC Central Committee opens key plenum
Shinzo Abe Visits China
DPRK's nuclear test on Oct 9
Hot springs in Guangdong
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Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao meets press
Foreign Minister Li held press conference
China's parliament annual session holds closing meeting
China's parliament, the National People's Congress (NPC), began its closing meeting of the annual session at 10 a.m. Friday, approving a landmark property law and a corporate income tax law.
China's top legislature adopts landmark property law
China's top legislature, the National People's Congress (NPC), adopted a landmark property law here Friday morning, granting equal protection to public and private properties.
CPPCC holds closing meeting of annual session
The Fifth Session of the Tenth National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) began its closing meeting in Beijing on Thursday.
Premier Wen delivered government work report
Work reports on justice, prosecution
China's parliament adopts enterprise income tax law 2007-03-16
China's parliament endorses government work report 2007-03-16
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao meets press 2007-03-16
Premier: China endorses and honors international environmental obligations 2007-03-16
Premier: China's military expenditure at very low level in world 2007-03-16
Premier: China targets no other country in its outer space test 2007-03-16
Premier: Door of dialogue open to Dalai Lama if he gives up "Tibet independence" 2007-03-16
Premier: Socialist democracy means enabling people to oversee, criticize gov't 2007-03-16
Premier: China to legislate on minimum subsistence allowance 2007-03-16
Premier: China to advance political reform to fight corruption more effectively 2007-03-16
Premier: HK's role as financial, shipping, trade center irreplaceable 2007-03-16
Premier: China hopes Japan, DPRK solve abduction issue through negotiation 2007-03-16
Premier: Mainland closely watching secessionist activities in Taiwan 2007-03-16
Premier calls his coming visit to Japan an "ice-melting journey" 2007-03-16
Premier: China aims at mature capital market 2007-03-16
Premier: Forming of forex investment company not to impact U.S.-dollar denominated assets 2007-03-16
Premier: China confident in maintaining economic growth 2007-03-16
Premier: Adherence to reform, opening-up key to China's modernization 2007-03-16
China's lawmakers to vote on final draft of property law 2007-03-16
Commentary: discussions about state affairs promotes democracy 2007-03-15
Top advisory body calling to oppose "de jure independence of Taiwan" 2007-03-15
Soft power, a new focus at China's "two sessions" 2007-03-15
CPPCC annual session to close Thursday 2007-03-15
Work reports on justice, prosecution 2007-03-14
Compulsory education fees cancelled for rural students 2007-03-15
China still faces tough employment task this year: Minister 2007-03-14
Political advisor proposes gov't blog to promote e-democracy 2007-03-14
Commerce Minister, central bank governor hold press conference 2007-03-13
Chief Justice: 9 provincial-level officials convicted for corruption in 2006 2007-03-14
Facts and figures: China's judicial work in 2006 2007-03-14
Top judge says crackdown on crimes promotes social stability, human rights protection 2007-03-14
Facts and figures: China's procuratorial work in 2006 2007-03-14
Procurator-general: Chinese prosecutors serve social, economic development 2007-03-14
President Hu urges intensive training of armed forces 2007-03-13
China's fluctuating stock prices "not macroeconomic problem" 2007-03-13
Minister: U.S., Europe need to cut agriculture subsidy for successful Doha talks 2007-03-13
Minister: African people don't welcome colonists 2007-03-13
Top banker: time needed to tackle trade imbalance 2007-03-13
Breakthrough made in reform of China's commercial banks 2007-03-13
Official: Obstacles by Taiwan authorities hinder talks on river sand trade with mainland 2007-03-13
Minister: China prefers to solve trade friction through consultations 2007-03-13
China against tariff increase proposed by US lawmakers 2007-03-13
Full Text: Work report of NPC Standing Committee 2007-03-12
NPC to speed up legislation on social issues in 2007 2007-03-12
Rural issues, energy conservation, environment top legislature's supervision list 2007-03-12
Highlights of NPC Standing Committee's Work Report 2007-03-12
Local gov'ts set higher GDP targets than central gov't 2007-03-12
Political advisors vow to keep an eye on social security fund 2007-03-12
Chinese president underscores efforts to raise farmers' income 2007-03-12
Finance Minister Jin holds press conference 2007-03-09
NPC examining draft methods for electing deputies from HK, Macao 2007-03-09
President Hu urges officials to serve people better 2007-03-09
Top advisor reiterates resolute opposition to "Taiwan independence" 2007-03-09
China's finance minister says to spend more on education in 2007 2007-03-09
Minister: If passed, corporate income tax law to take effect next Jan. 2007-03-09
Finance minister: China to form state forex investment company 2007-03-09
Minister: unified corporate taxation to reduce revenue by 100 bln yuan 2007-03-09
[Voice] China tries to beef up village bank network 2007-03-09
NPC starts reading draft laws on property, corporate tax 2007-03-08
[GD] China to stockpile more oil 2007-03-08
China not a threat to global energy security 2007-03-08
Top economic planner: China stocks not so powerful to shock world market 2007-03-08
Minister: China actively establishing oil reserves 2007-03-08
China to reduce cost of economic growth, narrow yawning income gap 2007-03-08
Systematic reforms needed to regulate chaotic medicine market 2007-03-08
Senior CPC leaders discuss state issues with lawmakers, advisors 2007-03-07
Hu: harmony, stability prerequisite for Tibet development 2007-03-06
Foreign media pay great attention to China's "two sessions" 2007-03-06
China's parliament chief calls for efforts to address people's top concerns 2007-03-06
FM: China to study legislation on consular protection for overseas Chinese 2007-03-06
FM: China sends 5,000 peacekeepers to UN operations 2007-03-06
FM: China, India to find proper solution to boundary issue 2007-03-06
FM: China hopes to see peaceful co-existence between Palestine, Israel 2007-03-06
FM: China hopes to see peace in Iraq and Middle East 2007-03-06
FM: China hopes to see attainment of Korean Peninsula denuclearization 2007-03-06
FM: China ready to consult with Japan on East China Sea development 2007-03-06
FM: Premier Wen's visit important to China-Japan cooperation 2007-03-06
Chinese FM calls upon Iran to step up cooperation with IAEA 2007-03-06
FM: Chinese Premier to visit Japan in April 2007-03-06
Chinese FM: Japan should face up to history 2007-03-06
Chinese FM: China supports consensus on Darfur issue 2007-03-06
President Hu's visit to Russia to further strategic partnership 2007-03-06
Chinese FM: six parties should all faithfully fulfill commitments to resolving Korean Peninsula nuclear issue 2007-03-06
Chinese FM: Non-interference necessary condition for harmonious world 2007-03-06
Senior CPC leader urges Beijing to make good preparation for Olympics 2007-03-06
Chinese senior leader stresses issues of agriculture, countryside, farmers 2007-03-06
China's parliament starts annual session 2007-03-05
Highlights of Premier Wen's Government Work Report 2007-03-05
Top leaders join CPPCC panel discussions 2007-03-05
Top legislator values role of returned overseas Chinese in social harmony 2007-03-05
[Gov't report] China sets 8 percent growth target for 2007 2007-03-05
Premier: energy saving, pollution control targets must be met 2007-03-05
Premier: timing, conditions for unifying corporate income tax ripe 2007-03-05
Premier: China to strive to reduce trade surplus 2007-03-05
[Gov't report] China to expand subsistence allowance system to all rural poor 2007-03-05
Premier: China to rein in soaring housing price 2007-03-05
Chinese president stresses medicare, innovation for harmonious society 2007-03-05
Premier Wen says to report energy goal failure "faithfully" 2007-03-05
[Gov't report] China opposes all forms of secessionist activities 2007-03-05
[Gov't report] China vows to improve setting of RMB exchange rate 2007-03-05
[Gov't report] Premier Wen announces hefty educational investment 2007-03-05
[Gov't report] China to invest 391.7 bln yuan in agriculture 2007-03-05
[Gov't report] China pledges to expand rural medicare system 2007-03-05
CPPCC chairman stresses role of religious groups in promoting social harmony 2007-03-05
Senior Communist leader expects advisors to be more active 2007-03-05
Senior Communist leader briefs advisors on graft fighting 2007-03-05
Senior CPC leader urges better social environment for Olympics 2007-03-05
Senior CPC leader underlines media's role in harmonious cultural construction 2007-03-05
Hu's guideline on mainland-Taiwan relations underlined 2007-03-05
First press conference of the NPC annual session 2007-03-04
[Voice]Chinese lawmakers slash "poem scandal" as humiliation of justice 2007-03-04
[Voice]Chinese lawmakers call for cautious handling of foreign mergers 2007-03-04
[Voice]Favorable donation policies called to help bridge China's wealth gap 2007-03-04
[Voice]Political advisors call for stringent food safety supervision 2007-03-04
[Voice]Advisor proposes birthday of Dr. Bethune set as China's Doctor Day 2007-03-04
[Voice]NPC deputy calls for waiving charges to visit Three Gorges Dam 2007-03-04
Spokesman: China's draft property law in line with Constitution 2007-03-04
Spokesman: China's defense budget to rise 17.8% in 2007 2007-03-04
Spokesman: Chen Liangyu will not attend coming NPC annual session 2007-03-04
Spokesman: Cross-Straits relations to face severe challenges in 2007 2007-03-04
China to speed up legislation on social affairs 2007-03-04
Draft corporate income tax law will not affect investors' enthusiasm 2007-03-04
Final preparations for NPC session 2007-03-04
Local governments vow to meet energy saving, pollution reduction goals 2007-03-04
[Voice]Chinese lawmaker calls for more political rights for migrant workers 2007-03-04
[Voice]Smelly taxis warned to tarnish Beijing's image in Olympic Games 2007-03-04
[Voice]Legislators suggest setting up new ministry to control energy use 2007-03-04
Sessions focus on harmony, pollution 2007-03-04
China's top advisory body begins annual session 2007-03-03
[Voice]Chinese advisors put drug safety under spotlight 2007-03-03
8 issues of public concern in spotlight at "two sessions" 2007-03-03
China seeks more channels to use massive foreign exchange reserves 2007-03-03
[Voice]Political advisers from army care about people's livelihood 2007-03-03
[Voice]Think tank shows concern over medicare system 2007-03-03
NPC, CPPCC sessions extended by two more days 2007-03-03
Chinese netizen invites Premier Wen for online chatting 2007-03-03
[Voice]Rural migrant workers expect payrise, insurance 2007-03-03
[Voice]China's advisors urge protection of ancient canal 2007-03-03
[Voice]Lawmakers, advisors show concern for public security issues 2007-03-03
Muslim political advisors feel at home in Beijing 2007-03-03
Beijing in full preparation for "two sessions" 2007-03-03
Political advisors call for better management of social security, housing funds 2007-03-03
China's parliament session a prelude to Olympic-driven media transparency 2007-03-03
End legal black hole 2007-03-03
Foreign reporters welcome ease in rules 2007-03-03
China to instate non-communist party leaders in leading positions at state organs 2007-03-03
Annual session of CPPCC to open Saturday 2007-03-03
Lawmakers, advisors gather in Beijing for annual full sessions 2007-03-03
Overseas journalists allowed to directly interview NPC deputies, CPPCC members 2007-03-02
NPC likely to pass property law and corporate income tax law 2007-03-02
Key issues to be discussed at "two sessions" 2007-03-01
Around 30 NPC deptuies, CPPCC members expelled over four years 2007-03-01
Official: CPC to hold more forums with Taiwan's major opposition party 2007-03-01
Premier Wen seeks advice on gov't work report 2007-03-02
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