Daily passenger flow during Canton Fair expected to exceed 5 million
2012-April-13 Source: english.gz.gov.cn
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The Canton Fair will be inaugurated on April 15, 2012. Guangzhou Metro expects to receive average daily traffic of more than 5 million passengers during the event and advises that the passengers go to such areas as Tianhe, Yuexiu, and Huangpu through the transfer of Line No.4 and Line No.5 after the conclusion of sessions.

Guangzhou Metro expects increasing passenger flow of several lines after the opening of the Fair. Metro Lines 1, 2 and 3 will receive over 1 million passengers, and Metro Line 8 is also expected to receive nearly 700,000 passengers every day. Due to the coincidence of the session finish time and the public time to get off duty, the Fair will affect travelers of the evening peak periods to a great extent. Metro stations including Pazhou, Xingangdong, Wanshengwei, Kecun, Changgang will have relatively concentrated instantaneous passenger flow, which may have to be controlled if necessary.

Given the significant increase of passenger flow, Guangzhou Metro said it would make adjustments to train maintenance plan and increase the number of spare trains. In case of sudden increase of passengers or too much pressure on the transportation after finish of the sessions, it will take spare trains into operation and organize some trains to move from Pazhou to divert the flow. For the convenience of foreign passengers to buy tickets, various stations have reserved 250,000 prefabricated tickets, and manned outlets will be increased if necessary to alleviate the pressure of queuing for the tickets.

Guangzhou Metro also recommends passengers to go to Tianhe, Huangpu, and Yuexiu districts through the transfer of Line No.4 and Line No.5 to minimize the transportation pressure on Metro Line 8 when the Cantor Fair sessions conclude. To reduce the shock of other lines on Line 8 after conclusion of the sessions, metro stations will broadcast during the Fair period to guide the passengers to transfer to other lines.

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