Canton tower mega drop opens on January 18
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The mega drop is arranged on the mast of the Canton Tower.

The mega drop entertains visitors with extreme speed stimulation.

It is learned on January 16, 2012 that the eye-catching Canton Tower Mega Drop's commissioning has been completed and it will be opened to the public on January 18. The ticket price is RMB 130 yuan, and the package price (including tower climbing in Area E) is RMB 230 yuan.

It is learned that Canton Tower Mega Drop is 150m higher that the former highest—the 300-meter-high mega drop at Las Vegas Carnie. Now it is waiting for the real brave people to push the limits of height and to experience the extreme stimulation. Over 30 meters of free falling from a height of 484 meters, what an amazing, and even crazy experience it will be!

As the journalist saw on January 16, the mega drop is arranged on the mast of the Canton Tower, and many staff members of the Canton Tower were gathering on the tower top platform, waiting for a try. After the mega drop was started, it was instantly lifted up to a height of 30 meters, and then dropped down with an amazing speed after a very short stop, leaving the screams of the players in the air.

The journalist was told by the staff of the Canton Tower that the ticket price of the mega drop is RMB 130 yuan, the same as that of the Ferris wheel, and the preferential price of the tower-climbing package is RMB 230 yuan (including the RMB 150 yuan ticket of Area E).

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