Bamboo curtain finds market online
2014-May-19 Source: Szdaily web edition
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Liangping bamboo curtain, a form of national intangible cultural heritage from Chongqing that is currently being exhibited at the ICIF, has attracted throngs of crowds due to the exquisite craftsmanship of its weaver, who operates a hand-weaving machine on the spot.

Ding Pengcheng, a craftsman of bamboo curtain in Liangping County, said the product has enjoyed wide popularity among clients from the Middle East, Africa, North America and some European countries. She added that overseas sales are increasing at 20 percent each year after her company started to promote the traditional art form on major e-commerce portal websites, such as Alibaba.

As one of the three unique skills in Liangping, the bamboo curtain has a long history dating back to 1,000 years ago during the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127).

By binding needle-thin bamboo filaments into a flat sheet, the bamboo curtain carries a cool touch as well as a soft and smooth texture.

The bamboo curtain serves as a very good decoration when it is adorned with sketches or embroidered patterns of traditional landscape paintings, portraits of ladies, or animals and plants that are frequently associated with Chinese tradition, such as pandas, pines and red-crowned cranes.

The bamboo curtain owes its uniqueness to the sinocalamus affinis bamboo that is indigenous to Liangping. Ding said bamboo that is felled from the previous year is the most suitable raw material because it is more resistant to parasites and mildew.

The bamboo undergoes more than 80 processing procedures before it takes the shape of a curtain. Drawing bamboo filaments is a most exquisite process that requires highly skilled craftsmanship. A 1-meter bamboo curtain with a length of half a meter takes about one month's handiwork; more time may be needed depending on the intricacy.

Ding said the bamboo curtain uses natural materials, including pigments that come from Chinese paintings, and can be preserved for hundreds of years if kept in a dry environment.

Liangping bamboo curtain is a treasured collection at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing and was once presented as a gift to foreign state representatives by late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping when he attended the U.N. General Assembly in 1975.

"Our products are liked by overseas clients because they contain good craftsmanship and are environment-friendly," Ding said.

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