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Are there only 15 authentic hot springs in Guangdong?

2017-November-30       Source: Newsgd.com

With winter on its way, hot springs start becoming popular places to visit. Many people may have planned to go hot spring over the weekend.

Xinyinzhan Hot Spring Resort

With winter on its way, hot springs start becoming popular places to visit. Many people may have planned to go hot spring over the weekend. However, inspection results of various Guangdong hot spring sites may confuse hot spring fans.

Last week, the Guangdong ‘Tourist Hot Spring Temperature and Quality Certification’ meeting was held at the Guangdong Hot Spring Hotel and announced the first round of quality inspection results. The results showed that among the 16 hot springs inspected, 15 meet the quality standard.

The 15 are listed below:

1.Guangdong Hot Spring Hotel

2.Caoxi Hot Spring

3.Huizhou Nankun Hot Spring Resort

4.Zengcheng Xiangjiang Hot Spring

5.Zengcheng Sanying Hot Spring

6.Zhuhai Ocean Spring Resort

7.Enping Imperial Hot Spring

8.Jinglvlun International Hotel

9.Heyuan Hakka Park Scenic Spot

10.Jiangmen Gudou Hot Spring Resort

11.Huizhou DiPai Hot Spring Resort

12.Zhanjiang Haidong Resort

13.Jin Shan Hot Spring Resort

14.Zhanjiang Hai Bin Hotel

15.Huizhou Yunding Hot Spring

Many readers may be confused by this result and wonder are there only 15 hot springs in Guangdong that meet the quality standard?

Imperial Palace Hotspring Resort

Don’t worry. Here are more facts about the hot springs in Guangdong.

1. In the first round inspection, only 16 hot springs were tested. The second round inspection has just started (as of November 27), and more hot springs will be certified by early 2018.

2. Among the 16 hot springs have been tested, Huahui Hot Spring has been considered a ‘cold spring’ because its temperature is only 24°C, falling short of the 34°C criteria. However, it is still judged as beneficial because of the minerals in the water.


3. How to certify the hot springs?

★ First, staff collect two water samples from hot spring enterprises, one is from the spring source well or artificially exploited geothermal wells, and the other is from the public pool.

★Second, samples are sent to Guangdong Province Research Center for Geo-analysts to test.

★Third, the results are determined through expert discussion, data analysis and comparison.

★ Finally, the results announced by the media, and the hot spring enterprises that meet the criteria receive certification from the Guangdong Tourist Association and Guangdong Hot Spring Industry Association.

Yangxi Salt Water Mineral Hot Spring

4. There are more than 320 hot spring wells in Guangdong. There are about 80 large-scale hot spring resorts in the province, which means that only a quarter of the hot spring resources are fully utilized. However, in some areas, hot springs resource development is over-concentrated. Once there is a shortage of hot spring water, some hot spring enterprises begin to add artificially heated water, in order to keep up with customer demand.

Guangdong Hot Spring Industry Association indicates that hot spring enterprises will not be certified if they mix heated water into the hot spring supply

Come next year, we will have further report detailing the 2nd round of qualified hot springs in Guangdong.

Editor: Xiaowen

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