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14 representatives of sister provinces visit Guangdong

2017-June-14       Source: Newsgd.com

The annual seminar of sub-national exchanges and cooperation between Guangdong and its sisiter provinces (states) was held in Guangzhou by Guangdong Foreign Affairs Office, June 13.

The annual seminar of sub-national exchanges and cooperation between Guangdong and its sisiter provinces (states) was held in Guangzhou by Guangdong Foreign Affairs Office, June 13.

[Photo by Newsgd.com]

14 representatives from 11 countries have a brainstorm with departments of Guangdong provincial government,  foreign affairs offices of municipal governments and medias on promoting more cooperation and exchanges in different sectors under the agreement of sister provinces (states).

[Photo by Newsgd.com]

“We have a sense of familiarity, although this is the first time that we met each other,” said Su Caifang, Deputy Director General of Guangong Foreign Affairs Office. “That’s because there is a intimate bond among us, which is the sister provinces (states).”

Su hoped that sister provinces can build the relationship with departments of Guangdong provincial government through this seminar so that more cooperation would be launched between Guangdong and sister provinces (states) in the future.

Guangdong now has 47 sister provinces (states), since it signed the first agreement of sister relationship with New South Wales in 1979. Under the platform of sister provinces (states), more and more cooperation are launched, for example, the direct flights between Guangzhou and New Zealand.

 “We are going to form a work groups to ensure the cooperation between Guangdong and sister provinces (states) could be put into practice.” Said Su.

In order to have an overall understanding of Guangdong, the representatives of sister provinces will visit Zhongshan, Dongguan and Shenzhen in the next few days.

“It is a good opportunity for people in Guangdong and our country to know more about each other.” said Mario Horacio Lazzaro, Executive Director at Promendoza, Ministry of Economy Infrastructure and Energy of province of Mendoza.

Editor: Jasmine

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