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Guangdong police SAY NO to cyber privacy leak

2016-December-22       Source: Newsgd.com

In combating increasing telecommunication fraud, the Guangdong police has conducted two campaigns online and offline respectively.

Recently, personal privacy leak and telecommunication fraud arising therefrom have drawn attention of the society. In combating increasing telecommunication fraud, the Guangdong police has conducted two campaigns “Anwang (literally mens secure the Internet)2016” and “Jufeng (literally mens hurricane) 2016”, online and offline respectively. Until now, the police has cracked 4,120 cases in “Anwang 2016” and 133,000 cases in “Jufeng 2016”.

Official figures show that Internet crime accounts for one-third of all crimes. At present, the penetration rate of Internet in Guangdong is 66%, ranking the first in the country, with about 80,000,000 netizens and 640,000 websites. Internet crime is rather critical in Guangdong.

The police has summed up Internet crime in three characteristics: across-region, concealment; high intelligent level; a professional black industrial chain.

The online campaign “Anwang 2016” aims at cracking down on invasion of personal privacy, for example, stealing and selling personal information online and hacker attacks, and Internet crime including online gambling, online prostitution, online drug-selling and gun-selling. “Jufeng 2016” battles against telecommunication fraud, drug manufacturing and selling, financial crime and related crimes.

This year, “Anwang 2016” has launched 3 battles against crimes of violating personal privacy, with more than 380 cases broken, 60 hackers and 40 suspects arrested. A total of 490,000,000 pieces of personal information have been found leaked, stolen and sold.

Besides, more than 360 telephone card channel sellers who involve in black-card crimes (black cards refer to telephone cards that do not pass real name registration) have been ferreted out and about 330 suspects have been arrested. Over 100,000 black telephone cards have been seized.

In another campaign against hacker attacks, the police has detected more than 30 cases, arrested more than 60 suspects and dealt with websites that offer computer hacking program and teach hacking methods.

By Abby

Editor: Steven

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