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【双语】Exclusive webpages launched to promote Guangdong and Limburg of Belgium 广东和比利时林堡省互开友好省份宣传专页

2016-December-7       Source: Newsgd.com

Sister provinces Limburg of Belgium and Guangdong officially launched exclusive introduction webpages for each other today (December 7th).

The launching ceremony of "Guangdong Page" and "Limburg Page".

Sister provinces Limburg of Belgium and Guangdong officially launched exclusive introduction webpages for each other today (December 7th).

Tailored to enhance Guangdong people's knowing about Limburg as well as Limburg people's knowing about Guangdong, the two webpages are jointly established by the Information Office of the People's Government of Guangdong Province and the Information and Communication Department of Province of Limburg.

Based on resources of both Southcn.com and Newsgd.com, "Limburg Page" is filled with latest news of exchanges between Guangdong and Limburg in both Chinese and English, as well as Limburg's unique location, geographical advantages, characteristics industries and cultural features. In order to make the web pages more readers-friendly, HTML5 is employed. Also a mobile "Limburg Page" is launched simultaneously.

"Guangdong Page" promotes latest information about cooperation between Limburg and Guangdong, as well as Guangdong's development in economy, culture, nature and sports via Limburg’s official website (www.limburg.be) and its official Facebook account (www.facebook.com/LimburgBe) in BENELUX area. All information will be in Dutch in order to attract local Dutch-speaking readers.

Deng Hong, Deputy Director of the Information Office of the People';s Government of Guangdong Province, introduced in his speech that led by Huang Bin, Deputy Director-General of Guangdong Publicity Department, a media and culture delegation from Guangdong paid a visit to Limburg in October last year. The delegation successfully organized a folk dance performance and a photography exhibition, "Guangdong in the Eyes of European Photographers in Hasselt" in Limburg. As a member of the delegation, he witnessed the prosperous development in Limburg and the warm and friendly local people.

Deng believed that under China's "Belt and Road" Initiative, Guangdong and Limburg will have more common discourses, higher enthusiasm and greater demands for cooperation, and they can create more platforms for exchange.

Frank Smeets, the first Vice-Governor, Province of Limburg, stated that this was the third official visit of Limburg to this beautiful and very interesting region. He strongly believed that the good relations between the region of Guangdong and the region of Limburg would bring profit for both and together Limburg and Guangdong would accomplish prosperity and progress for our people.

Wang Chuilin, General Manager of Nanfang Media Group, expressed that It was a significant step taken by our government to actively promote the cultural exchanges with countries along the Belt and Road Initiatives, and also served as a critical action taken by Nanfang Media Group to further strengthen its capability of external publicity and practice its responsibility of “Connecting China to the world”.

Wang also believed that Nanfang Media Group would continue to work creatively for the communication and cooperation between Guangdong and Limburg.

Jean-Paul Peuskens, Vice-Governor, Province of Limburg; Els Luyckfasseel, Director of Information and Communication Department, Province of Limburg and Hu Jian, Editor in Chief of Southcn.com also attended the launching ceremony.

●About Limburg

Located west of the river Meuse, Limburg is the easternmost of the five Dutch-speaking provinces in Belgium. It is called "the heart of Europe", with 60% of EU purchasing power lying within its 500km.

On June 23, 2015, under the gaze of Chinese President Xi Jinping and King of the Belgians Filip Leopold Lodewijk Maria (Philippe Léopold Louis Marie), Limburg Province became the 40th sister of Guangdong Province after their two Governors, Zhu Xiaodan and Herman Reynders, signed the sister province agreement.


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Limburg: a unique region full of unknown opportunities

(by Nan)

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