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Now that's Funny! Chinese emoji circles globe

2016-October-28       Source: Chinadaily.com.cn

"Funny", a made-in-China emoji, inclusively used on Tieba, the largest Chinese communication platform provided by the search engine giant Baidu, seems to have recently moved beyond just China.

Addition to Domestic Social Media

Compared with Japanese people's impressions of the "funny" emoji, Chinese netizens prefer to use the emoji to tease one another on social media.

One commonly seen comment on the emoji in Zhihu, the Chinese version of Quora, is: "We strongly require Tieba to stop the usage of the emoji. Because every time other people send me the emoji, I feel very uncomfortable and consider myself as a fool."

Reputed as the most popular emoji on Tieba, the "funny" emoji has received much attention since its release in 2013.

Now that's Funny! Chinese emoji circles globe

A contrast of the "drool" emoji (left) and the updated "funny" emoji (right) [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

As a matter of fact, the "funny" emoji is the updated version of the "drool" emoji. Compared with the original, "funny" has a slightly opened mouth, a dull red flush and two eyebrows. And all these characteristics render users a sense of satire, according to one insider.

If you think the emotion is the only cause for the "funny" emoji to go viral online, then you are wrong. In the next several years, the "funny" emoji has undergone many transformations and gradually engulfed the internet.

For example, the emoji is the first one on Tieba to have multi-color variations in redNow that's Funny! Chinese emoji circles globe, orangeNow that's Funny! Chinese emoji circles globe, greenNow that's Funny! Chinese emoji circles globe, blue, bluish greenNow that's Funny! Chinese emoji circles globe and purpleNow that's Funny! Chinese emoji circles globe. When users utilize the shortcut key to send them together, its exaggerated effect is amplified. If you do not know this rule, you should check here.

Meanwhile, the "funny" emoji is well-adopted in many settings and successfully gains attention outside Tibeba. For instance, the Quilt-Covering, the Police-Acting and Smoking versions are causing a stir everywhere in Chinese social life.

Now that's Funny! Chinese emoji circles globe

Quilt-Covering, Police-Acting and Smoking funny emoji-based series are all well-received among Chinese netizens. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

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