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Barley technical workshop offers opportunities for exchange and cooperation

2016-July-6       Source: Newsgd.com

In Guangzhou, an Australian barley technical workshop also enjoyed great attention from the makers and dealers of beer.

The scorching summer is not going to end soon, plus the Euro 2016 is still in full swing, so a cold beer is now the center of attention of drinks for people to beat the heat during summer and get more enjoyment out of the summertime activities.

In Guangzhou, an Australian barley technical workshop also enjoyed great attention from the makers and dealers of beer. Hosted by the Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre (AEGIC) and the Australian Trade and Investment Commission and Barley Australia, the workshop is aimed at sharing technical insights into the growing, accreditation and processing of quality Australian malting barley for the Chinese malting and brewing industry.

Australian barley technical workshop in Guangzhou [Photo: Newsgd.com/Monica]

More than 50 representatives from over 30 breweries and beer dealers from Guangdong took part in the workshop at Grand Hyatt of Guangzhou on the morning of July 5. Attendees also included Australian Government representatives, AEGIC representatives, South Australian barley farmers and facilitators, who were the speakers of the workshop.

Australian speakers shared with Chinese conferees the landscape of the Australian barley industry, new Australian accredited barley varieties, brewing techniques and so on, winning rounds of applause from the attendees.

During the morning tea, panel discussion session and networking lunch, the attendees from both China and Australia took the opportunity to communicate with each other, seeking for more potential for exchange and cooperation.

Chen Suixin, an engineer from Zhujiang Brewery Co., Ltd. said he came here to learn about Australian brewing techniques, and he was also very interested in the new Australian accredited barley varieties.

According to Chen, over half of the barley for Zhujiang Brewery was imported, most of which was imported from Australia. That was also why the company paid great attention to this workshop and sent five staff members, said Chen.

The China-Australia FTA also facilitates the Australian exports of wheat and barley into China. Now the exports of barley are tariff free.

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Editor: Monica Liu

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