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Dongguan appeal to cross-border food merchants

2015-August-4       Source: Newsgd.com

"Dongguan will cooperate with chambers of commerce and those consulates in Guangzhou to provide a platform for foreign goods importation to Dongguan."

The inaugural conference on July 31 has attracted participation of imported food merchants from home and aboard. [photo/ May Liu@Nanfang Metropolis Daily]

“Dongguan will cooperate with chambers of commerce and those consulates in Guangzhou to provide a platform for foreign goods importation to Dongguan,” said Deng Tao, Party Secretary of Dongguan Daojiao town, at the inaugural ceremony of Dongguan Cross-border E-commerce of Imported Food Industry Association (DCIFIA) on July 31, 2015.

That’s part of Daojiao’s "Plan of Opening: working with foreign chambers of commerce”, aiming at attracting foreign food E-commerce retailers.

The establishment of DCIFIA signified Dongguan’s initiation of massive imported food e-commerce after the city set off the cross-border export e-commerce on July 31, 2014. This underlies imported food’s role as the breakthrough point at Dongguan’s industrial transformation and upgrading.

Besides the “Plan of Opening” , DCIFIA also expressed the willingness to facilitate food importation companies in Dongguan. For the food importation e-commerce industry that differs from the traditional trade in terms of payment and transportation, the chairman of DCIFIA, Ye Guanqiang, specially pointed out that the association would bridge the communication between the enterprises and the government over issues of customs, inspection, quarantine, and taxes and contribute to the establishment of a more adaptive customs standard for the industry.

The inaugural conference has attracted representatives of Russian Consulate-General in Guangzhou, the chairmen of France Chateaux Alliance, and the cross-border e-commerce enterprises in China.

“This is an opportunity for Russian products,” Marina Tsikun, economic and trade attache of Russian Consulate General in Guangzhou, said. “Russian is a main provider of many green healthy food that meets Chinese customers’ need, for example, Russian honeys and flours.” She hopes that the platform of DCIFIA can let more people know about Russian products.

Mr. Reid from France Chateaux Alliance also expressed his wish for using e-commerce to introduce French wines, which he believes are very healthy beverages, to Chinese customers.

Now, the cross-border e-commerce has become the new trend of foreign trade. According to the statistic of Ministry of Commerce, China's cross-border e-commerce transactions were around 4.2 trillion RMB in 2014, with the year-on-year growth of 33.3%. It is enumerated that 50% of the 649 million netizens in China have online shop experiences and will purchase overseas goods on the Internet, which brings opportunities for the cross-border import E-commerce retailers.

On July 1st 2014, Dongguan was selected by General Administration of Customs as the pilot city of a innovated cargo-clearance monitoring platform for cross-border e-commerce, due to its extensive experience in foreign trades and rapid developments in e-commerce.

Editor: Steven

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