Important notice for foreign nationals arriving in Guangdong
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Welcome to Guangdong, People's Republic of China. For a happy and smooth journey in China, you are advised to read the following important notices:

1. Upon entry, foreign nationals shall go through lodging registration procedures pursuant to the relevant provisions:

1) Those who stay at hotels shall go through lodging registration procedures pursuant to the provisions regarding the management of public security of hotels;

2) In the event a foreign national stays at a place other than a hotel, the host or the foreign national himself shall, within 24 hours of the lodger's arrival (within 72 hours if the host's house is located in the countryside), go through lodging registration procedures with the local police station.

3) Those who have permanent residence in China and want to move out of the city of current residence shall submit a report and register such move to the entry-exit administration division of the local public security bureau.

2. Those who hold "Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Tourist Visa" (valid for 5 days) may stay there in for only 5 days;

Those who hold "Zhuhai Special Economic Zone Tourist Visa" (valid for 3 days) may stay there in for only 3 days;

Holders of the aforesaid visas which are valid for a single entry shall enter China within the issuance day. The term of validity of the visas shall be counted from the next day of their issuance.

3. Those who hold the visas marked with "Z", "X" and "J-1" shall, within 30 days of entry, go through the procedures for obtaining their residence permits with the entry-exit controlling department under the public security bureau of the city where the applicants are to reside. Holders of the aforesaid multiple-entry visas do not need to obtain the reentry visas.

4. Those who hold visas marked with "F", "L", "G", "C" and "J-2" may stay in China within the time limit as their visas indicate. Those who want to extend their stay in China shall submit their applications for extension to the entry-exit administration division of the local public security bureau.

5. Those who have not acquired residence certificates or who are on a study program in China may not seek employment therein without permission of the competent authorities of the Chinese Government.

6. Those who reside or stay in China shall carry their residence permits or passports with them for examination when the occasion so requires.

7. In the event that the visas and/or certificates are lost or robbed, the holders shall immediately report to the nearest local police station and apply for a reissue from the entry-exit administration division of the public security bureau of the city with the "Case-Reporting Receipt" issued by the local police station.

8. For the safety of yourself and your property, you are suggested to take the following precautions:

1) Take care of your property and important documents; do not show your money or property in public;

2) When you go out, take such safe transportation vehicles as taxes or vehicles provided by hotels, companies or friends; take care of your property when you walk on the street or take a motor cycle;

3) Do not take part in such illegal activities as pornography, gambling and drug abuse and trafficking so as not to be kidnapped or robbed.

4) Do not make illegitimate exchange of foreign currency so as to prevent your money from being substituted or even robbed.

5) In case of emergency, please call 110 to seek help from police.

9. Telephone numbers for information or complaint: 020-83119147, 83111000;

Office hours: 8:30 - 12:00 am; 14:00 - 17:30 pm

10. The Chinese Government protects the lawful rights and interests of foreign nationals in China. Foreign nationals in China shall abide by Chinese laws, or they will be held liable for their wrong doing.

11. Public Security Department of Guangdong Province Entry and Exit Control Service Website:

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