Rules and procedures on adoption registration by foreigners
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(2) Materials Provided by the Consigner

a. Copies of permanent resident booklet and ID card of the consigner (If consigned by social welfare institution, copies of ID card of the director of the institution are needed to be provided)

b. Paper certifies that the adoptee is an abandoned baby or orphan

c. Permanent residence certificate of the adoptee

d. Report on growth situation of the adoptee

e. Health examination certificate of the adoptee

f. Two-inch-sized color photo of the adoptee

g. Written consent of consignment from other persons who have duty to rear

h. Written consent of adoptee who is age of ten

i. Other certification materials

3. Requirements for Certificates and Materials

(1) Requirements of certificates and materials of the adopter

If a foreigner wants to adopt a child in Guangdong Province, he/she should entrust the government of his/her own country or foreign adoptive organization approved by his/her own government to pass on his/her adoptive application and certificate and report on family situation to China Adoption Center entrusted by the Chinese Government. Adoptive application, certificate and family report mean certified documents issued by authorized organization of the adopter's own country and verified by the diplomatic organ or organization authorized by the diplomatic organ of the adopter's own country. These adoptive application, certificate and family report should be verified by the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in the adopter's country.

(2) Requirements of certificates and materials of the consigner

a. Materials should be authentic, accurate and clear. No alteration of the documents is allowed.

b. Accurately write down the dates of birth, pick up and admission of the abandoned baby.

c. Certified materials of consent to consignment should be stamped with the official seal of the welfare institution as well as signed and sealed by the director of the institution.

d. Pick up certification materials should be issued by the local public security bureau, its content must include the name and address (or working unit) of the picker, the detail time and site of picking up, unable to find out his/her parents, and sent to be raised by the welfare institution, etc.

e. Medical health certificate should be issued by a hospital of Grade A at the third level or Grade A at the second level. Items of health examination should be complete. If the abandoned baby has deformity, the examination certificate and the disease and deformity diagnostic paper must state in detail what kind of deformity or location of deformity (location of deformity should have photo taking), and the degree of deformity. The above mentioned certificates materials should be done in one original and two copies.

4. Examination and Approval Organization

Name of China adoption organization: China Adoption Center

Address: 16 Wangjia Lane, East Town District, Beijing

Postal code: 100027

Telephone: 010-65545199 5548811 (Fax)

5. Organization for Registration

Name of Guangdong adoption registration organization:

Guangdong Provincial Department for Civil Affairs, Guangdong Adoption Registration Center under the jurisdiction of Guangdong Provincial Department for Civil Affairs, is in charge of the foreign adoption registration affairs .

Address: Floor 8, Fuhua Commerce and Trade Building, 233 Dade Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong

Telephone of Social Welfare and Social Affaires: (020) 83197555

Telephone of Guangdong Adoption Registration Center: (020) 83318631 83318893 (Fax)

Consultation hotline: (020) 83318631

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