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Cash Reward | Newsgd.com is looking for foreign free-lancers 现金回报 | 南方英文网向海内外外籍人士征稿

2016-December-27       Source: Newsgd.com

We provide a platform for expats and overseas Chinese from countries and regions to share their experiences and thoughts about Guangdong. Join us, and you will get well paid for your stories.

We provide a platform for expats and overseas Chinese from countries and regions to share their experiences and thoughts about Guangdong. Join us, and you will get well paid for your stories.


Who are we looking for?

We are looking for foreigners or overseas Chinese who are interested in sharing their stories and experiences about Guangdong travel, culture, food, people, etc.



What do you need to write?

All you need is a story, opinion or perspective. There are no wrong answers.



Where will your work be promoted?

Excellent works will appear on Newsgd.com website, GD Today WeChat Account and TripAdvisor Guangdong Tourism Page. Newsgd.com is the perfect platform for your voice to be heard and shared with millions of readers.


优秀稿件将在南方英文网网站、GD Today 微信公众号以及猫途鹰广东目的地页面刊登。通过南方英文网,你的声音将会被海内外数十万读者粉丝听到。

How do you send your stories?

Send your stories to newsguangdong@sina.com with "Guangdong story" in the subject line. Photos,video, audio materials are expected to be enclosed.


请把你的故事发到南方英文网的公共邮箱newsguangdong@sina.com,邮件主题标明“Guangdong story”,如有照片、视频、音频等文件,请通过附件发送。

Submision Deadline: Jun 30, 2017

投稿截止日期: 2017年6月30日

Requirements 投稿要求

1、Your article should be original and complete with title, not commercial article.


2、Pictures should be original or copyrighted. Writers should be responsible for any copyright disputes caused by the article or pictures.


3、Quote, excerpt or any kind of citation should be marked with the link of original article.


4、Stories about tourism, culture, gourmet, and leisure life in Guangdong are warmly welcome.


Remuneration 关于稿酬

1. Within five workdays, we will reply via Email to inform writer if his/her article is okay and the remuneration amount.


2. Only when the article is posted on Newsgd.com or GDToday can it be regarded as officially adopted.


PS: Animation, micro-video, Html5 works will receive double remuneration..

PS: 打造成动漫、微视频、H5等产品给予双倍现金奖励。

Payment 支付说明

1. Remuneration will be give to the writers within one month after the article is officially published.


2. Writers should provide passport copy, bank account info and real name through Email (All personal info will be protected without leakage. ).


Copyright 版权声明

1. The copyright of all the articles published on Newsgd.com should belong jointly to writers and Newsgd.com. Newsgd.com have the right to quote video, sentences and pictures from the articles.


2. In consideration of the traits of internet, Newsgd.com have the right to permanently use the adopted articles on its website and other media products (including but not limited to its weibo, wechat, facebook, twitter accounts.)


3. Once the article is proved to be unoriginal, it will be deleted immediately. Writers should be responsible for all the related consequences.


4. Newsgd.com reserve the right to change the title, content and length of the articles, or revise or delete improper parts.


5. If the article has been published elsewhere, writer should be responsible for the possible copyright issues.


Samples: What Chinese chess has taught me

By Jecey & Monica

Editor: Monica Liu

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Q:Where can I enjoy Cantonese cuisine?

A:As a province full of foodies, you can enjoy typical and various kinds of Cantonese cuisine here.

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