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Fantastic Belgian literature world wowed people in Guangzhou

2016-December-23       Source: Newsgd.com

“How many books did you read everyday when you were young?” A young lad asked out of curiosity.

“How many books did you read everyday when you were young?” A young lad asked out of curiosity.

“One book a day.” The answer of Joris Salden, Consul General of Belgium in Guangzhou, wowed everyone present.

On last Saturday, (December 17), Joris Salden, Consul General of Belgium, as well as an expert in Belgian literature, led people in Guangdong into the Belgian literature world.

“Literature remains one of the most important keys to understand the culture of a country. Indeed, as all great literature, the writers of Belgium reflect the mentality and the very particular spirit of their origin,” Joris Salden believed.

Joris Salden began his talk with an introduction to the origin of Belgium and diverse languages there as a background for the development of Belgian literature. In his opinion, Belgian literature has a sense of humor, a very ironic look on society but also a tenderness for the human struggle of daily life.

Following a chronological order, Mr.Joris Salden gave a detailed account of representative writers and their works in different historic periods, for example, Charles De Coster as a symbol of romanticism, Maurice Maeterlinck of symbolism.

Besides, Joris Salden shared his reading experiences with the audience after the speech. In answering a question about the meaning of reading, he stated that reading led him to a broader world than his daily life. He also recommended some tourist destinations for people in Guangzhou who have a plan to visit Belgium.

By Abby

Editor: Steven

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