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Women reveal the worst presents their husbands have given them

2016-September-21       Source: Chinadaily.com.cn

A mother who was left cold after receiving an 'unwrapped' box of chocolates for her birthday has urged other women to share their worst present horror stories.


Responses ranged from stuffed penguins to Hollyoaks calendars after Mumsnet user Liz70 told how she had spent her big day 'running around after other people' - and when her husband returned home from a work meet-up he presented her with 'small bag of Thornton's chocolates'.


She said the gesture had left her feeling 'undervalued and underappreciated', adding: 'I did ask if he'd also brought a bunch of flowers from a petrol station, to complete the whole "will this do?" vibe.'


She added that she didn't feel she was 'particularly materialistic' and that the couple have 'no mortgage and a comfortable amount of savings'. She had never demanded designer handbags or diamond jewellery.


In a bid for moral support, Liz70 decided to start a 'sh*t birthday present from DH [darling husband] thread' - and they poured in thick and fast, with more than 400 responses.


Huskylover1 rushed to her defence, calling her husband's behaviour 'absolutely s***'. She wrote: 'I'd be blanking him until he grovels.' Another Mumsnetter agreed, urging her to speak to her husband about it 'rather than just seethe quietly'.


A user known as Minkybinkyboo revealed that her husband had bought her a harmonica and a Miranda Hart maracas-themed exercise DVD one Christmas - while she was heavily pregnant. 'It's still in the plastic,' she added.


Few women could be as unimpressed as the one who received a set of Andy and Lou figurines from Little Britain from her spouse.


Scarednoob explained that while the show was 'very cool at the time', she later discovered that her husband had bought them from a colleague 'who had a lot of them to sell for a fiver'.


Meanwhile, one woman came up with an ingenious way of dealing with dud presents. Acasualobserver explained: 'A friend of mine on receiving a petrol station chocolate and flowers combo for her birthday, without saying a single word, put both in the washing machine and switched it on.


'She is not married to that man any longer.'


One of the more toe-curling stories came from Hungryhippo90, whose then-boyfriend promised to buy her a Louis Vuitton purse.


After taking her to a Louis Vuitton shop, she recalled, he showed her an expensive bag on display - before going on to tell her that he couldn't afford it.


'So why?!' she wrote. 'I wouldn't mind, but he had £4,000 in the bank at the time.'


Other unwelcome presents included an iron, a stuffed penguin, a disposable lighter and an opened jar of marmalade.


While Blizy was left fuming after her husband gave her an electric blanket and a balloon modelling kit.


One woman told how her friend received 'a vacuum cleaner that strapped to her back for Christmas'.


She added: 'Surprisingly they are still married.'



yaning and 郑萌萌 from language.chinadaily.com.cn

Editor: Steven

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