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Paris deploys 'incivility brigade' to enforce fines for uncouth behaviour

2016-September-18       Source: Chinadaily.com.cn

Paris on Monday sent a 1800-strong "incivility brigade" into the streets of the French capital to enforce fines for uncouth behaviour and the blight of rubbish, cigarette butts and dog mess.


Paris already had a certain number of city officers who can dish out fines for such “incivilities” but has now massively increased their firepower and under the banner of the "prevention, security and protection" division, DPSP.


The new officers will all be in uniform and most will be armed with batons and tear gas. The brigade will include 320 mobile officers who will roam the whole capital around the clock seven days a week.


Parisians and tourists in the French capital alike now run the very real risk of being fined €68 for dropping their spent cigarette ends or litter on the floor or urinating in the street.


These agents also have the power to fine those who set up illicit stalls in the street, or cafes that extend their terraces without authorisation, let their dogs defecate without clearing up the mess, or make too much noise.


Colombe Brossel, Paris' deputy mayor in charge of security, said: "The aim of this reform is to boost the visible presence of agents on the ground."


But Philippe Goujon, the deputy mayor of the 15th arrondissement, said what Paris really needed was a stronger presence of armed municipal police rather than a "Canada Dry" version in the shape of incivility agents.


Parisians are divided on the issue.


"To have clean pavements will be a tall order but sometimes it's just so dirty that it's got to be good news," Jacqueline, a 70-year old from Paris' popular 19th arrondissement told Le Parisien. 70岁的杰奎琳住在巴黎有名的第19区,她告诉《巴黎人报》:“保持街道清洁挺困难的,但有时候路上也太脏了。这是个好消息。”

Paris town hall said that it had no choice but to send forth the incivility agents as previous awareness campaigns had no effect on Parisians' dirty habits.


"Mere prevention is not sufficient," Emmanuel Grégoire, deputy mayor in charge of public services, told BFM TV. "So after a certain amount of times, you have to resort to handing out fines."



yaning and 徐晓彤 from language.chinadaily.com.cn

Editor: Steven

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