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International students can apply 2-year visa in Guangdong after graduation!

2016-July-21       Source: Newsgd.com

Guangdong has received more than 5 million foreign visitors last year, while about 90,000 foreigners (most of them are Japan, Korea, U.S and Canada) worked and lived in Guangdong.

Guangdong has received more than 5 million foreign visitors last year, while about 90,000 foreigners (most of them are Japanese, Korean, American and Canadian) worked and lived in Guangdong.

In order to attract more foreign talented people to work in Guangdong, Guangdong will implement 16 measures for easier visa and permanent residence application from August 1, which benefits international students, talented foreigners and Overseas Chinese, according to Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department.

Zhengdong, Deputy Director-General of Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department introduced the 16-measures.[Photo/Steven]

According to the measures, international students can apply for two-year visa, if they want to start up their business in Guangdong after graduating from universities in Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR and Macao SAR.

For foreign talents identification, annual salary income and annual income tax will become a factor in evaluation of the applicants.

Moreover, for foreign talents who work in start up business in Guangdong FTZ or work as technicians in enterprises in FTZ, they can apply for permanent residency approval in the future and go under a will-be launched point base evaluation covering education level, annual income, work duration in China and whether the job belongs to innovative industry etc.

Furthermore, foreigner who invests more than 1 million USD in Guangdong FTZ three years in a row can apply for permanent residence.

According to Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department, six of the 16 measures will be implemented only in Guangdong Free Trade Zone (Nansha in Guangzhou, Qianhai&Shekou in Shenzhen and Hengqin in Zhuhai), and the other 10 will be implemented in the whole area of Guangdong.

Brief introduction of 16-measure:

1.Simplify the permanent residence application procedures for talented foreigners who identified by Guangdong FTZ.

2.Establish point-base system for foreign members and technicians in star-up team who need to apply for permanent residence in Guangdong FTZ.

3.Support foreign students start-up in Guangdong FTZ.

4.Establish fast track for Overseas Chinese to apply for visa and permanent residence.

5.Investment standard for applying for permanent residence in Guangdong will be lowered for investors from Guangdong FTZ.

6.Allow foreigners who meet salary and taxation standards to apply for permanent residency.

7.International students who plan to start-up after graduation are allowed to apply for two-year visa.

8.Allow talented people from Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR, Chinese Taiwan and other foreign countries to hire foreign servants (each family only hire one foreign servants).

9.Guangdong plans to conduct 144-hour visa free policy .


By Steven

Flora and Janet also contribute to this story


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Editor: Steven

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