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Sri Lankan to be released from hospital

2015-June-18       Source: Szdaily.com

Seven months is a short time in life, but it’s just seven months that made a huge difference to 3-year-old Sri Lankan boy Dulan Nintharu. The boy’s parents almost gave up hope of ever getting treatment for the rare disease that was haunting their son’s life.

When a Shenzhen Daily reporter revisited the ward Tuesday, Dulan had just completed a rehabilitation session and was playing with a new toy guitar, under the smiling eyes of his parents, Dinesh Ranil Askoa and Sujani Samarasinghe.

This was the happiest moment for the couple. They almost lost hope after numerous failures in Sri Lanka.

After Dulan was born with rare organ deformities, Dulan’s parents sought treatment in Sri Lanka. They even sold their houses and borrowed money from relatives and friends to bring in Indian doctors to treat their son.

Yet Dulan’s situation didn’t improve because of the limited availability of medical care in Sri Lanka.

Dulan’s medical expenses in Shenzhen are covered by the Shenzhen Hongfa Temple Charity Fund. It was Yao Xiaoming, a Shenzhen eye doctor, who brought the Sri Lankan boy to the charity fund’s attention. Yao learned about the boy’s rare condition when he was volunteering in Sri Lanka with a Shenzhen medical team.

“We are very grateful for all the help provided by warm-hearted volunteers, doctors and nurses,” said Dulan’s parents via an interpreter.

“The surgeons and nurses are excellent and I am grateful for everything they have done for our family. The hospital is my home away from home,” said the parent.

In the 200 days in the hospital, Dulan became taller, gained weight, befriended nurses at the ward and learned simple Chinese.

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Editor: Monica Liu

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