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【Helping Underprivileged Children】Wilber Foundation

2015-June-5       Source: Newsgd.com

Sonny, a former partner of PWC( A globally leading accounting firm) founded his own charity association "Wilber Foundation" in 2013, after retirement.

Sonny visiting an ill kid

"The idea of charity came from a conversation with my Christian Uganda friend two years before my retirement. He told me that you were still young and energetic, that god gave you so much, why not giving something back? That's why I start to think of doing charity", Sonny said.

As the sole founder of Wilber Foundation, Sonny wanted to do charity in his own way. "We are a silver young organization, but we don't duplicate others."

Point to point donation

One mission of Wilber Foundation is to help children in need of urgent medical care. "We manage point to point donations, not through any intermediary. We need to make sure that donations are delivered to the right place", Sonny explained, "For example, when we go to the hospital, we give money directly to the accounting department of the hospital, because there are some cases that parents are untrustworthy."

"We also have internal procedures to evaluate how urge the case is, whether we have the reason to donate. We score each considerable factor, and choose the case that has the highest score", said Sonny, who was a former professional auditor.

A girl aided by Wilber Foundation

Mentors to give children guidance

Wilber Foundation also manages educational programs. "Giving money is the easiest part, but I think for kids, we need to look more at long term developments, like education", said Sonny.

The Foundation launched its first education program "Little Artists" in this summer, which was for children who had talents of arts but didn't have chance to learn due to family background. They recruited 70 children from 200 applicants.

Sonny himself is an art lover, and he invited some famous artists and singers to teach these children. "It is one feature that makes us distinct from other organizations. I hope that children can actually feel what it is like being a real singer or artist."

"One local artist actually helped a 16-yaer-old boy get into an artist school", Sonny is very satisfied with this program, "We hope to give children long term guidance, as mentors, not just three months' accompany. We will continue this program every year."

A strange man with lots of titles

Sonny is a man of wide interests. He owns a gallery, a restaurant, and an activity center in Rectory. "But I don't want people to mention any of my titles. It is better that people remember what I do. And it is a strange person that he wants to involve lots of things", Sonny laughed, "But I do enjoy the arts better. I am lucky that I can handle all these things together".

Sonny donated 2 million RMB as start up funds of the foundation. "We are a young organization, but we are not short of money at the moment", Sonny is quite reluctant to ask others for donations, "If we go out asking for money, people would be skeptical. So I want to build up our reputation first, to actually do things in the community. So people would come to me rather than me asking for donations".

"And it's happening now. Some entrepreneurs have come to me for donations. And this is what I want," said Sonny.


About Wilber Foundation

Wilber Foundation is a charity registered with the Bureau of Civil Affair of Guangzhou Municipality in 2013 by Mr. Sonny Wilber Doo. The charity is formed to support the well-being of underprivileged children including orphans, the disabled, the autistic and those who are in need of urgent medical care.

Wilber Foundation also supports the growth and development of these children by providing them with education assistance and guidance. The Foundation has a board of governors who are professional monitoring the programs and financials of the fund independently.

  • I want to donate:

  • I want to be a volunteer:

(1) There should be at least one volunteer to be the introducer.

(2) The preliminary approval should be passed by the liaison department and then be put on the record.


For more information, please click here to see the website: http://www.wilberfoundation.com/

Editor: Yishan

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