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【Blood Donation】Procedure

2015-June-5       Source: Newsgd.com

In order to guarantee good blood quality and reduce the response. Before the day you donate blood, you must be aware of some questions.

1. Notice before Blood Donation

In order to guarantee good blood quality and reduce the response. Before the day you donate blood, you must be aware of some questions.

(1) During the first day, do not over eat and change your diet and do not consume alcohol. Do not eat greasy foods such as meats and dairy but instead, stick to some light diets which prevent blood pollution and affect blood quality.

(2)You must gets a good night rest and eat a healthy breakfast the next morning which prevents dizziness during the donation process.

(3) If you had a cold, fever, cough, in the past two days, postpone your donation date.

(4) Before donating blood, please read some of the pamphlets to educate you on the blood donation process.

2. Blood Donation Procedures

(1) Firstly, please log in the website of Guangzhou Blood Center and you click http://www.gzbc.org/reservePersonal.aspx?tid=1602 to make an appointment for blood donation. Here are two kinds of blood donation types and you can refer to the information above.

(2) When you give blood, please fill out the personal health consultation form about your information. When filling out the form, the most essential information is your name and passport number. Please do not fill those values out wrong.

(3) After filling out the forms, you should read the detailed notices for blood donation. The appointment process will be completed after your reading.

(4) Once you submit your appointment, we will send you SMS texts as soon as possible. Please remember to bring your passport and visa.

※Address and Time of Blood Donation: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in Jiangnanxi Road; Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday near Sun Yat-Sen University' front door

※Address of Guangzhou Blood Center: No 31 Luyuan Road, Guangzhou

3. Notice after Blood Donation

After donating blood, make sure gets some rest and try not to stand up to quickly.

(1) Relax and stretch the arm; press the pinprick for 5 to 10 minutes without rubbing.

(2) Keep the pinprick dry and neat; remove the band in 24 hours.

(3) Avoid excessive exercise; don't lift too much weight with the arm that day.

(4) Take in more water and the balanced diet with protein, vegetable and fruit; no engorgement and bibulosity.

(5) If the pinprick swells up, first apply to it with cold towel, and then with warm towel when the swollen pinprick turns black. The swollen pinprick will disappear in 7 to 10 days without leaving a scar.

Editor: Yishan

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