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Five tips for helping you stay away from "holiday fat"

2015-June-4       Source: Xinhuanet.com

It's easy to gain a few pounds,especially for the those in China as the Dragon Boat Festival is coming and there will be delicious zongzi.

It's easy to gain a few pounds,especially for those in China as the Dragon Boat Festival is coming and there will be delicious zongzi.To get rid of those "holiday fat", or to keep away from "holiday fat", however, is not that easy. Following is what you are supposed to do to avoid putting on extra weight.

Stay active

One of the major causes of weight gain during the holidays is lack of activity. Time is spent doing holiday errands, which makes us more tired, less motivated, and not wanting to stick to our routine.

Best thing to do is to stick to your regular schedule. Not only will it help keep weight gain down, it will give you more energy and it will reduce your stress.

Don't starve yourself

Many people think before attending new year feast, they should go hungry all day so that they can "afford" the calories later on.

The truth is you may be so hungry that you will forget about any sense of the word moderation or control. The right thing to do is to make sure to eat your normal and healthy meals before the New Year feast.

Choose healthy recipes

There are some healthy options that you can eat during the holidays. For the cookers of the family, really think about the ingredients that you normally use and then think about how you can make the dish healthier.


Lack of sleep not only leads to stress, it can also lead to weight gain. Some studies have shown that losing sleep can affect your metabolism and the secretion of cortisol, one hormone that regulates appetite. Think of a good night's sleep as a necessity (much like oxygen) to keep you sane and keep your stress and hormone levels in check.


Working out may seem like the last thing you have time for, but it's essential for keeping your weight in check and your stress at manageable levels. Try circuit training and focus on using compound exercises, so you work more than one muscle group at the same time.

Editor: Monica Liu

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