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Guangdong welcomes expats and their sports habits

2015-May-29       Source: Newsgd.com

Guangdong has millions of expats from all over the world, and their sports habits as well. Guangdong has tried its best to provide services and facilities to meet their desires.

Of course Angelo met many foreigners in the gym, too. Brad is one, and he is also a coach in the gym. Brad is from US, and used to be a financial executive. He presents a picture of a fat man and introduced that it was he in 2006. "At that time I was very busy with my high-pressure work, and became very fat. Then I tried a lot to lose weight, but failed."

One day Brad met a stranger in the pub, and faced great changes in his life. Under the guidance of that stranger, or exactly a fitness instructor, Brad lost weight of 25 kg and shifted his attitude and way of life. He started to learn more about fitness and attempted to gain the certificate of fitness instruction. Gradually he felt tired of his job as a financial executive and run a fitness club himself. Several years ago he was encouraged by his friends and opened a fitness club in Guangzhou.

When talking about Cantonese doing sports, Brad admitted that more locals came to him for help, some want fitness, and some want losing weight. Angelo agreed with Brad. "I don't think that Chinese people do not like sports. There are many people in Guangzhou loving sports. Just take a look at the splendid performances in Guangzhou International Marathon!"

Angelo added that even though foreigners preferred to do sports in gyms, now more are willing to do outdoor sports. Many foreigners choose to jog in the evening, and he even joins a running team. Besides, Angelo introduced that now in a social network for foreigners in Guangzhou, there are many sports groups focusing on particular sport, such as basketball, badminton and squash. Members in the same group hold off-line activities regularly, and Angelo himself once joined a running game organized by the jogging group.


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