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Application for Foreign Experts Certificate

2011-May-27       Source: english.gz.gov.cn

Foreign Experts who are employed for working in China shall apply for "Foreign Experts Working Permit".  The application for "Foreign Experts Working Permit" is free of charge.

Residence Permit

The employer can apply for 'Residence Permit' on behalf of the applicant. However, the first time of application for `Residence Permit' must be made personally. (The following information is subject to the promulgation by Division of Aliens & Exit-Entry Administration of Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau.)

Applicant's Documents

1.Original and photocopy of valid passport and visa;

2.Fill out 'Application Form for Visa, Residence Permit for Foreigners' and on which attach one recent two-inch front-view photo with hat free and upper body;

3.`Registration Form for Temporary Residence of Overseas Personnel' issued by Public Security Bureau at residential place (except for accommodation at a guesthouse or hotel);

4.Original and photocopy of valid 'Foreign Experts Certificate' or 'Alien Employment Permit';

5.Official Letter issued by employer or investing organization;

6.Investors at Guangzhou shall provide certificate documents such as 'Approval Certificate for Foreign-invested Enterprises' and 'Business License' etc.; personnel employed by governmental organizations and public institutions, shall provide photocopy of valid duplicate of 'Registration Certificate for Legal Person of Public Institutions'; and foreign cultural and educational experts shall provide photocopy of 'Certificate of Authorized Qualification for Employment of Foreign Cultural and Educational Experts' of the employer;

7.Original 'Health Certificate' issued by Exit and Entry Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Guangdong Province (submitted by those who are above 18 years old and intend to reside in Guangzhou for over one year);

8.Such documents as certificate of family relationship etc. shall be submitted if there are accompanying family members.

Items to be Noticed

1.In case of modification to items of 'Residence Permit' (such as residence cause, passport number, residential address, employer, accompanying persons etc.), the certificate holder shall handle modification procedure at Division of Aliens & Exit-Entry Administration of Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau within 10 days;

2.In case the relocation for 'Residence Permit', the certificate holder shall handle relocation procedure at Division of Aliens & Exit-Entry Administration of Public Security Bureau at moving-in or moving-out place within 10 days;

3.Foreigner who terminates the job in Guangzhou for certain reasons shall timely hand in Foreigners' 'Residence Permit' at its cancellation and apply for relevant visa;

4.Foreigners holding 'Residence Permit' can reside in China within the valid term of 'Residence Permit' and canalso go into and outside territory of China for multi times;

Issuing Authority

Division of Aliens & Exit-Entry Administration of Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau

Tel: 96110

Address: No.155 Jie Fang Nan Road, Guangzhou

website: http://www.gzjd.gov.cn


On leaving Guangzhou

Foreign Experts shall hand in and nullify the 'Foreign Experts Certificate' issued during their employment in Guangzhou to the issuing authority before leaving Guangzhou. If one intends to migrate to the other city within the territory of China, he or she shall apply a new 'Foreign Experts Certificate' at local Foreign Experts Bureau.

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