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Divorce registration for overseas Chinese, citizens of Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan

2009-August-13       Source: english.gz.gov.cn

The documents and procedures for divorce registration are as follows.

Divorce Registration

1. Provisions

1) Both the man and the woman concerned agree to terminate their marriage of their own free will.

2) Both the man and the woman are sufficiently sane for the particular action.

3) Both the man and the woman shall possess the written divorce agreement, which clearly states the free will of their divorce and the terms of child rearing, property division, the handling of debts, and the like.

4) Both the man and the woman are required to possess the Marriage Certificates issued by the China mainland marriage registration authority or the Chinese embassy (consulate) in a foreign country.

2. Applicants for divorce registration shall submit the following items:

1) Certificate of the applicant's residence registration, identity certificate, travel document, passport, or other valid international travel documents;

2) Both the man's and the woman's Marriage Certificates;

3) The divorce agreement signed by the parties concerned; and

4) Two color half-length, bareheaded, full-faced photos of each individual.

3. Procedures for divorce registration

1) Both the man and the woman are required to bring their divorce application to the marriage registration department.

2) Both the man and the woman are required to fill out the Divorce Registration Statement and sign it or leave their fingerprints in the space for the APPLICANT.

3) Both the man and the woman are required to confirm the acceptance of the terms in the Divorce Registration Agreement (in triplicate) by signing or leaving their fingerprint in the space for AGREEMENT MAKERS in the presence of the marriage registrar.

4) The marriage registration authority will examine the certificates, the agreement, and the documentary materials the applicants have submitted and then approve and register their divorce if they satisfy all the requirements.

 Fees and Processing Time

1) Processing Time: The Divorce Certificates will be granted to those applicants whose authentication documentation has been found complete and in compliance.

2) Processing Fee: The standard fee is 9 RMB for each case.

Editor: Miranda

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