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Applying alien employment license

2009-August-10       Source: gzjy.gzlm.net

Documents of applying Alien Employment License are as follows.

Any foreigners seeking employment in China shall meet the following conditions

(1) 18 years of age or older and in good health;

(2) With professional skills and job experience required for the work of intended employment;

(3) With no criminal record;

(4) A clearly-defined employer;

(5) With valid passport other international travel document in lieu of the passport;

(6) Other documents required by regulations.

Documents of applying Alien Employment License are as follows:

(1) Copy of business license and passport

(2) Two pieces of Application for Recruiting Foreign Worker in China

(Under seal and approval by police section);

(3) An applying report including employing reason;

(4) Employee's resume;

(5) Company documents concerned as required

(6) Other documents required by regulations.


1. The Ministry of Labor and Social Security shall approve the employers' application for alien employment license if they can provide the required documents above.

2. Offical progress: 7 working days

3. Standard charge: 9.00 RMB per month is charged for each person


1. The employer, bringing with the Employment License issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, should apply for the letter or telex of visa notification issued by the authorized unit.

2. Foreigner with permission to work in China should apply for Employment Visas at the Chinese embassies, consulates and visa offices, bringing with them the Employment License issued by the Ministry of Labor, the letter or telex of visa notification sent by the authorized unit and the valid passport or Travel Document.

3. The employer should, within fifteen days after the entry of the employed foreigner, take to the original Certificate Office the Employment License, the labor contract with the said foreigner and his passport or Travel Document and other document as required receiving his Employment Permit while filling out the Foreigner Employment Registration Form.

4. Foreigners may be exempted from the Employment License and may apply directly for the Employment Permit by presenting their Employment Visas and relevant papers after their entry when they meet any of the following conditions:

(1) Foreigners employed in China under agreements or accords entered into by the Chinese government with foreign governments or international organizations for the implementation of Sino-foreign projects of cooperation and exchange;

(2) Chief representatives and representatives of the permanent offices of foreign enterprises in China.

Responsible Departments

Department of Labor and Social Security of Guangdong Province

Add: No.88, Jiaoyu Road, Guangzhou

Tel: 83341417 83367884


Guangzhou Municipal Public Safety Bureau

Add:No.155, Jiefang Nan Road, Guangzhou


Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of Guangdong Province

Add: No.158, Tianhe Road, Guangzhou


Health Care Center of GuangDong International Travel

Add:No.207, Longkou Xi Road, Guanzhou


Editor: Miranda

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