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Meryam Fassir, a ‘sweet lotus’ blossoms in South China

2015-May-27       Source: Newsgd.com

Special keen on toys, babbling, innocent big eyes, she has all the elements that a lovely kid should have.

A lover of the nature

Children usually enjoy big crowds and will consciously join the big crowd in most of the occasions.

"Sometimes, Fassir loves to be the focus. For example, she likes dancing on the stage or at home. But sometimes, she would be uncomfortable with the crowd."

To get along with different group of people could be a lifelong course, but for children, to get along with the nature is the first step in most of the families.

"She is born with love to the nature, I feel. She loves the Baiyun Hill, the countryside and the farmlands. But when I brought her to some receptions, she would feel uncomfortable."

Giorgia believes that children should not only love the nature, but also grow up naturally.

"Maybe she doesn't understand right now, but I'll let her learn more about what she interested in."

"I'm not always strict with her because I think children should learn for interest, not for fear. I prefer to give her more opportunities to choose, to communicate and to try."

Common but unique, Fassir is a 'sweet lotus' growing in a multicutural environment. With the biggest hope of being happy from her mother, and also with her mother's selfless education, she is heading towards a blossoming lotus in South China. But there is still a mistery, will she still be both an "iron lady" and a "fair lady"? Let's wait and see.

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Editor: Keane

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