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Meryam Fassir, a ‘sweet lotus’ blossoms in South China

2015-May-27       Source: Newsgd.com

Special keen on toys, babbling, innocent big eyes, she has all the elements that a lovely kid should have.

An “iron lady” and a “fair lady”

“Iron lady” and “fair lady” are two major trends that women develop towards in human history. With optimistic, outgoing and stubborn characteristic, does the little Fassir have the potential to become an “iron lady”?

“I would say no. If you push her to do things she doesn’t really want, you would fall in a deadlock with her. That’s the ‘iron’ face of her.”

“But in most of time, she is exactly a ‘fair lady’. When I cooked in the kitchen, she is very willing to give me a hand. So now, she is responsible for cleaning vegetables.”

Although Fassir is under three years old (In China, the standard age for children to go to kindergartens is three years old), she studies in a pre-kindergarten education center.

“She was like a fish out of water in the beginning as the center taught her some activities like singing and drawing. But after a while, when she studied and played with other kids, she fell in love with there. Now she found strong interest in music and art.”

In Giorgia’s opinion, it is very important to get kids to learn something new. And in the process of learning, there is another essential thing.

“You need to encourage them, and teach them to encourage themselves. Now when she does something brilliant, I will applaud for her and she will applaud with me."

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