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Rumi, It’s Okay to Say No

2015-May-27       Source: Newsgd.com

Rumi’s loveliness is embodied in every word and deed of hers. Greeting the guests at the door, pretending to call mom from the UK, helping two-year-old kid to stand up after she fell on the floor, comforting her by touching her shoulder lightly and saying “it’s okay”, etc.

Rumi's picture 

Rumi’s File

Full Name: Rumi Gupta

Age: two months shy of her fourth birthday

Birthplace: Guangzhou

Mixed-Blood: Chinese and Nepalese

Father: Mr. Gupta, a Ph.D. student and teacher for undergraduate in Jinan University

Mother: Lin Ni, a teacher in Southern Medical University and an associate professor, director in Huiqiao Buildings of Nanfang Hospital

Favorite Color: pink

Favorite Animals: giraffe, puppy, little bear

Favorite Food: cream fruit cup, strawberry, peach, cherry, chocolate

Best Friend: the girl living downstairs 

Rumi's picture

-Rumi Rumi. -Yes Mama!

-Eating sugar? -No Mama!

-Telling lies? -No Mama!

-Open your mouth. -Ha ha ha!

This is a lovely nursery rhyme sang by Rumi and her mother Lin Ni during the interview. It is a song from Nepal, the motherland of Rumi’s father.

As it is sung in the song, telling lies is not okay. So when Lin Ni found out Rumi was telling lie to her for the first time, she was at a loss what to do for quite a while. “Attending kindergarten is a double-edged sword,” she said, “you will learn to be good, but you will also be influenced by bad example. But it’s not okay to tell lies, so I have to tell her about this. It’s just I haven’t found the best way to do that, and I have to learn, too. That’s why when raising a kid, the kid is growing, so are the parents.”

It’s very common in Rumi’s daily life that some of her little friends ask for her toys, and Rumi’s nanny usually tells Rumi to give whatever toys to the children whoever ask. Sometimes Rumi herself likes the toy very much and hates to give it to somebody else, then she feels upset and doesn’t know what to do. That’s exactly when Lin Ni tells her, “Rumi, it’s okay to say no. If others don’t give their toys to you, you can never take it. But if you don’t want to give your toys to others, you can say no.” Lin Ni mentioned that she hoped whatever Rumi did, she should do it willingly and think for herself.

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Editor: Monica Liu

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