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[opinion] FTZ pushes traditional foreign trade enterprises to transform

2015-May-14       Source: Newsgd.com

The result of 117th Canton Fair proved that Guangdong’s processing trade enterprises are in trouble. Luckily, Guangdong pilot Free Trade Zone (GD FTZ) can provide an opportunity for these enterprises to transform.

GD FTZ pushes traditional export companies to seek new development mode


According to Lin, Guangdong’s traditional export companies are to face a dead end. Before, labor-intensive industry with low labor cost and mass production was the biggest contrubitor to export in Guangdong. However, it is backward today.


In professor Lin’s word, “Customization would be essential in the upcoming era of foreign trade.”


In future, foreign trade companies have to know clients’ real demand then make effort to satisfy them. For instance, they can go to clients’ home country to study local culture, religion and society. By taking advantage of cross-border electric business platform, Guangdong enterprises can get the orders from maritime silk road countries then export the tailored products.


The operation of GD FTZ would further its opening up and attracts more advanced foreign companies. Thus, it is time for traditional foreign trade companies to transform, otherwise they would be kicked out soon.


GD FTZ supports new trade modes. Take cross-border e-commerce enterprises as an example, Lin suggested that they should focus on one specific segment of that industry such as storage, import or payment, etc.


Mao also agreed that G DFTZ would attract a variety of modern advanced service industries like finance, logistics as well as cross-border e-commerce. Hence, to cooperate with those modern service industry, traditional industries in Guangdong must be drove to transform in proper ways.



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