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320m to boost Chinese medicine innovation

2015-February-4       Source: Newsgd.com

Traditional Chinese Medicine is expected to boom in Guangdong after a 320 million RMB special funding project is about to launch.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is expected to boom in Guangdong after a 320 million RMB special funding project is about to launch, according to Xu Qingfeng, Chief of Traditional Chinese Medicine Bureau of Guangdong Province.

Over 36 million RMB will be invested in developing the cure of 12 diseases. Followed by a strict examined process, Guangdong firstly introduced 12 diseases which traditional Chinese medicine has more advantages on finding cure. Each disease will be invested 3 million RMB, and 3 year to develop cure. It means lung cancer, osteoporosis, Chronic Hepatitis B and 9 other diseases are expected to be cured by traditional Chinese medicine in the coming future.

The latest figure shows nearly 100 million people choose traditional Chinese medical treatment every year. Facing sharp decline of the traditional Chinese doctors, Guangdong launch a set of new projects to maintain the glory of traditional Chinese medicine.

9.9 million RMB is going to be spent on a project of succession, which has chosen 150 traditional Chinese doctors as mentors, and 300 academic successors. A medical training project, costing the province 6.1 million RMB, includes 400 traditional Chinese doctors and 166 professors. Besides, Guangdong invests 10 million to assist the development of Jieyang Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, and 24 million RMB to help the local traditional Chinese hospital in Kaiping, Zhaoqing and Yangchun.

In addition, provincial government will spend 20 million RMB, plus 6 million from central government, on 15 traditional Chinese medicine health institutes. The money will be used on prevention and health care service, consisting of increasing the medical cover of Chinese medicine, and decreasing the price of treatment.

Xu told Nanfang Daily that the output value of over 22 traditional Chinese medicine corporations in Guangdong has reached as many as 100 million RMB. Each of 30 different products gained 100 million RMB. He said the secondary development of Chinese medicine, and the commercialization of medical research findings will be the mission in 2015. Moreover, it is a great opportunity to integrate Guangdong's traditional Chinese medicine by developing Chinese medicine agriculture, manufacturing, processing, transportation, medical care, cultural and travel industries.

The 320 million RMB funding consists of 120 million RMB traditional Chinese medicine special funding from central government, and 200 million RMB from the provincial government. It is the largest funding on development of traditional Chinese medicine in Guangdong ever.

Editor: Olivia

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