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Kristina and Kasia: Guangdong, full of surprises

2014-December-17       Source: Newsgd.com

Because of the simple words from their mentor, two Polish girls embarked on a journey into the unknown, towards Guangzhou, a metropolis of southern China.

The amazing 70 kilometers

Although Kristina and Kasia have lived in Guangzhou for only 3 months, they love to hang out at the city in the spare time.

“When we first arrived in Guangzhou, it really shocks us. It is totally totally different! Every time when you go to cities of some European countries, they are similar.” said Kasia.

“The city is very very big with so many people. It’s crazy that one city in China is almost as big as half of a whole country in Europe.” added by Kristina.

However, the vast area of Guangzhou triggers their interest to travel or explore. After taking the interview, they will start a three-day internship in Dongguan. At the last the interview, they recalled another experience when they travelled in Shenzhen.

“Last time we spent our holidays in Shenzhen since we wanted to see some beaches. We were thinking like European people so we didn’t think of how far away it is from the railway station. But when our Chinese friend picked up us and we showed him the address. He said, oh my god! It’s more than 70 kilometers’ way. And we said what?! One city, 70 kilometers is unbelievable in Europe!”

On the next Monday after the interview, Kristina and Kasia will start another new journey in China – Learning Chinese. From knowing nothing to enjoying study life oversea, the two Polish girls are experiencing a journey full of surprises in Guangzhou now. As time goes on, when the big China keep furthering the cooperation with the diverse EU, there would be more appealing surprises.

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Editor: 王凯

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