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James Kim, Chinese learner from the star

2014-December-2       Source: Newsgd.com

James Kim, studied in Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS) as an exchange student, is a sunny boy with perfect smile.

Guangzhou, Chinese, market

James majors in business. On the trade link between China and ROK, he has his own thoughts.

“The trade between China and Korea must be good because of the cultural similarities. Korea has many goods of high quality and many Chinese goods also swarm into Korean market nowadays.”

A bright trade future means great business opportunities for people in both the two countries, especially for the young generation.

“In these days, China’s market becomes really strong. I think Chinese will be more powerful than English in the future so I have to study Chinese. My Chinese is still so poor even I’ve learnt it for a semester. I’m trying hard now.”

For James, studying Chinese is not only an interest, but also a mission. However, James also found a great lot of fun during his overseas study life.

“There are many attractive tour sites in China. I have been to Huangshan (黄山), it’s awesome! It makes me feel really crazy. It really impressed me and I would never forget.”

“In Guangzhou, I often go to Yuanjing Road with my friends because the Korean food there is of good quality. Also I have tried many Chinese food and Jiaozi (饺子) and Chaofan (炒饭) are my favorite.”

James now has so many Chinese friends now. They exchange their language as well as ideas. TV drama, language, idea, the evolvement of the international relations could be compared to the process of human exploring the universe. It attracts people through the superficial stuff like the beauty of the moon at the early stage. As people find deeply interested in it, they will keep exploring, and they will find the boundless glamour of the universe. At last, they will find the inseparable link between them.

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Editor: 王凯

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