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Technology 'transforming literature'

2014-December-1       Source: Szdaily.com

Cutting edge technologies including mobile Internet, cloud computing, social networks and artificial intelligence are having huge impacts on digital reading and the digital book industry

Diana Horner, co-founder of eBook Partnership, one of Europe's first companies specialized in eBook conversion and distribution, speaks at a panel discussion Saturday at Shenzhen Library in Futian District.

Cutting edge technologies including mobile Internet, cloud computing, social networks and artificial intelligence are having huge impacts on digital reading and the digital book industry, experts said in a seminar held yesterday at Shenzhen Library.

Digital social networking helps transform the relationship between readers and writers, providing personalized services and better experience to consumers, said Luis Gonzalez Martin, who works with Casa del Lector at FGSR, an innovative reading center in Spain.

J.K. Rowling's Pottermore is one such example. Pottermore is a unique and free-to-use website that builds an exciting online experience around the reading of the Harry Potter books and enhances the communication between Rowling and her readers, Martin said.

A study Martin's team did in 2009 showed that most young readers prefer multimedia reading experiences, perceive reading as a way of communication and tend to share what they read with others on the Internet.

"Internet is the game changer," Martin said. "Sharing of information, resources, opinions and thoughts via the Internet enhances comprehension and motivation."

In the publishing industry, content processing and production of new technology can meet more personalized requirements and writers have become entrepreneurs in the digital age, said Zhang Zhenhai, a senior engineer with CNKI, an online publishing platform in China.

"The Internet enables writers to be marketers of their own works by interacting with potential readers online," Zhang said.

The emergence of advanced digital information management systems will greatly improve the efficiency of the publishing industry and the optimal allocation of resources among different sections, Zhang said.

The ERP management system, for example, combines editorial, publishing, distributional and financial functions and will greatly advance the publishing industry, he said, adding that the new technologies will also help promote cross-company cooperation in the industry.

Technologies have allowed for the boom of Internet literature in China, said Hou Qingchen, deputy editor with Tencent Literature, an online literature creating and reading platform. "The application of big data analyses will help precisely identify readers' needs so that we can provide more intelligent and personalized service to them," Hou said. "It also helps authors better position themselves and know their readers better."

Editor: Jecey

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