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China's State Council passes draft law on prevention of air pollution

2014-November-27       Source: Xinhuanet.com

China's State Council on Wednesday passed an amended draft air pollution prevention and control law

China's State Council on Wednesday passed an amended draft air pollution prevention and control law, which emphasizes addressing the sources, total discharge and density of pollutants.

The amended draft specifies punishment for violations such as discharging pollutants without certificate, over-discharging pollutants and fabricating monitoring data, according to the draft discussed at an executive meeting of the State Council, presided over by Premier Li Keqiang.

The amended draft has provisions on conducting coordinated control of multiple pollutants from coal burning, industry, automobiles, and dust and launching coordinated regional actions in key areas.

The draft will be submitted to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress for deliberation after receiving further amendment.

At the meeting, the government also decided to improve protection for medical staff working with infectious diseases, with standards and plans to be improved to tackle emergencies.

Measures will also taken to step up monitoring and disinfection, and to guarantee safety protection in transferring patients, dealing with remains, conducting lab experiments, and disposing of medical waste.

Medical workers who participate in a public infectious emergency, either at home or abroad, should get subsidies, and those who die, get infected or are disabled in the process should be compensated.


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