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Eddy: Madagascar and Guangdong tie, from cartoon to real

2014-November-4       Source: Newsgd.com

Nowadays, Guangdong is the hot choice for foreign students to learn Chinese culture. Eddy, from Madagascar, having been studied in Guangdong University of Foreign Studies for three years, shared with us his story.

Chinese factor, still waving influence

“From cultural aspect, Madagascar can be divided into two parts. The western part, which is closed to the Cape of Good Hope, is under the influence of Europe while the east region, still reserves many cultural elements of China and India.”

“Because many Chinese businessmen came here from the Indian Ocean, the trade link between China and Madagascar had established in ancient time.”

In China, the ancient trade route between coastal countries along the Indian Ocean (mainly including Southeast Asia, countries in the Gulf and east Africa) are called Maritime Silk Road. Now, building the Maritime Silk Road of 21st century was put forward by Chinese Government as national strategy.

“The industrial link between China and Madagascar will be stronger and stronger as the two countries have large potential for trade. Madagascar is abundant with raw material such as fruits, plants, mines and so on. As China has developed manufacturing industry and a huge market, a great amount of raw material with high quality must be needed. And the tourism industry of Madagascar also has great potential.”

Eddy visited the Happy Valley in Shenzhen

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