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【Case】What to Do Once Your Debit Card is Misused

2014-October-5       Source: Newsgd.com

6 years ago, a foreign business man, Mr.X, set up his personal bank account in a national bank in Guangzhou

6 years ago, a foreign business man, Mr.X, set up his personal bank account in a national bank in Guangzhou. Mr.X always brings his debit card with himself for daily usage. As living in Shanghai but working in Guangzhou, Mr.X has to take business trips to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou usually. However, when Mrs. X was going to withdraw some cash in August 2014, she suddenly found out the balance in the account was only 361 RMB and realized that more than RMB200, 000 in debit card has been misused by someone else. Mr.X reported the case to the Guangzhou Police Office, but he didn’t know what to do in the next step.

Recently, as more and more debit cards are misused by the criminals, it is important to pay attention to the tips below for protecting your debit card:

1.don’t let the service staff to swipe your card;

2.pay attention to hide the keyboard when entering the password in case of being peeped or recorded;

3.report the loss to the administrative depart once the ID card is lost;

4.the receipt must be tore up;

5.be careful when using the debit card online;

6.take the SMS notice service provided by the bank;

7.set up consuming limit. Nevertheless,

Once notice that the debit card might be misused, the followed steps should be taken for preventing continued lost:

1.immediately rush to the ATM or the bank counter to lock the debit card, for example, intentionally mistyping password in three times;

2.contact the bank customer service to explain the situation, requesting emerging settlement;

3.report the case to the police office, and may ask the lawyer or other professional person to seek civil remedy for legal advice.

(This information is provided by Lawyer Kelly Xie from Guangdong KaiTong Law Firm in friendship. It is not any legal opinion or legal grounds addressed to any organization or individual. For inquiry, please contact Kelly via email at Kelly_xie@ktlf.com.cn or by phone on 13926185641.)

Editor: Jecey

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