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Canton hospital: the first Western hospital in China

2014-September-22       Source: Newsgd.com

Canton hospital, also known as Canton Pok Tsai Hospital, was founded in 1835.

Canton Pok Tsai Hospital

Canton hospital, also known as Canton Pok Tsai Hospital, was founded in 1835, by American missionary doctor Dr. Peter Parker, as an ophthalmic hospital. Under the support of American board and Canton business men, the hospital was the first and the most famous charitable missionary hospital in South China at that time.

Peter Parker

It served all classes in the community, Chinese and foreign. Hundreds of poor people came eagerly for free scientific treatments each year, so that the hospital’s Chinese name Pok Tsai (Universal Helpfulness) became a household name.

In addition to the diagnosis and treatments of diseases, Canton Hospital engaged in medical education, public health, research and social service work. In 1886, Sun Yat-sen, the great revolutionary pioneer, attended the hospital’s education program.

Canton Hospital set many records in Chinese medicine history, the first western medicine school; the first Chinese medicine magazine, the first x-ray film…Therefore it was regarded as the cradle of talents in Chinese medicine.

After several twists and turns during the World War, the hospital today is the Second Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University.

Peter Parker

(By Sylvia)

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