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[Charity]Wilber Foundation: we don’t copy others

2014-September-17       Source: Newsgd.com

Sonny, a former partner of PWC( A globally leading accounting firm) founded his own charity association "Wilber Foundation" in 2013, after retirement.

I am reluctant to ask others for donations

Sonny donated 2 million RMB as start up funds of the foundation. "We are a young organization, but we are not short of money at the moment", Sonny is quite reluctant to ask others for donations, "If we go out asking for money, people would be skeptical. So I want to build up our reputation first, to actually do things in the community. So people would come to me rather than me asking for donations".

"And it's happening now. Some entrepreneurs have come to me for donations. And this is what I want," said Sonny.

A strange man with lots of titles

Sonny is a man of wide interests. He owns a gallery, a restaurant, and an activity center in Rectory. "But I don't want people to mention any of my titles. It is better that people remember what I do. And it is a strange person that he wants to involve lots of things", Sonny laughed, "But I do enjoy the arts better. I am lucky that I can handle all these things together".

(By Sylvia)


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