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OGGI: Italian Family Restaurant

2014-July-29       Source: Newsgd.com

OGGI, meaning "day" in Italian is a group of 3 Italian eateries across Guangzhou.

OGGI, meaning "day" in Italian is a group of 3 Italian eateries across Guangzhou. First opening its doors in 2005, it regards itself as one of the original Italian restaurant in the city. Winning awards every year since 2005 it has subsequently established itself as one of the names in Italian dining in town.

"Wherever you go in Guangzhou, if you say Italian food, they tell you OGGI.

The Italian community knows us very well, every Italian knows us."

Alberto, the restaurant manager, was part of the original team that opened the first location, in Ti Yu Dong, Guangzhou. Now established for almost a decade and having 3 distinctive locations, OGGI is well known amongst locals and ex-pats alike.

"We do Italian food, traditional food, but we do it in a way that everybody can enjoy it."

Alberto, along with Italian head-chef Ivano, also caters for many consulate events and offer private catering.

OGGI pride themselves on their skills to offer traditional Italian food, cooked well and delivered to the table for more than 1000 customers, daily.

"OGGI is more orientated for numbers, we are quality in numbers. We like to call ourselves a 'family occasional restaurant'."

Offering traditional flavors means importing ingredients from Italy, including fine Italian olive oil and genuine Italian peeled tomatoes for their sauces. With the exception of fish, some meats and vegetables, all of OGGI's ingredients are imported, using local seasonal vegetables as a basis for menu changes.

"From the moment I was in China, I like to go around all the markets. I like to speak with the people, I like to barter the price, and I like to do everything…

I like Chinese people… I like the clientele and I like Guangzhou.

I check through all the products, every season." - Ivano

With 80% of OGGI's customers being local Chinese, their menu is both authentic and easy to digest, with Spaghetti Carbonara being offered two ways, the traditional Italian way, with raw egg, or a more Chinese friendly option with cream.

"The restaurant is not only the food, the restaurant is everything, the music, the décor, it's the whole experience… that's what we try to give to our guests."

With separate courses of starters, pastas, main dishes of meat or fish and desserts, OGGI try to offer an entire Italian experience.

"Not everybody buys it, not everybody buys the whole experience… some people want to buy part of the experience.

We are all Italian, no chopsticks… We try to give an Italian feel, an Italian experience"

With it's simple but elegant dishes and three locations, OGGI is a great place to go and experience Italian dining, With a staggering choice of 25 pizzas as well as other dishes, OGGI will surely have something to tantalize ones taste-buds!

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Editor: Sarah Jayne Gregory

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