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Shenzhen: best city for expats

2014-July-28       Source: Szdaily.com

Daniela Fernandez Limon lives in SZ and loves here.She also said that Shenzhen probably has something for everyone, especially expats.

When Daniela Fernandez Limon finished her master’s degree program in London, she, like many new graduates, had no idea where to go. “I am from Mexico, educated in London, and my father lived in China. The world was wide open to me,” she recalls. She decided to follow her father’s footsteps and look for opportunities in China. “My father had been here since 2009 and things had worked out well for him. So in 2013, I moved to Zhuhai to be close to him.

Zhuhai was nice, but not really the place for me,” she said. “I love being outdoors, swimming, eating outside, so I wanted to be somewhere with more opportunities for those kinds of activities. I lived in Zhuhai for nine months before coming to Shenzhen. This is definitely a better place for me,” she says.

Even on a rainy day,” she continued, “there is always something to do. There is a lot to do here that requires very little going outside. Thanks to the metro system, you can take the subway to a museum or mall or the convention center and not risk getting wet. And I can always entertain myself indoors by curling up with a good book. Shenzhen is a fast-paced city, it’s nice just to chill out every once in a while. Shenzhen might be in the middle of the monsoon season, but the temperature rarely gets above 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit), perfect for swimming in the day and hanging out at one of Shenzhen’s thousands of outdoor restaurants at night.”

I wanted to be in a bigger city,” she explained. “It’s where I am comfortable because I am used to it. Some people might find a big city overwhelming, but to me, it’s home.”

She also said that Shenzhen probably has something for everyone, especially expats. “Shenzhen has so much to offer,” she says. “There are so many expats here, so it’s fun to go out eating and drinking with friends and meet new people. There are also many delicious restaurants from all over the world, so you can always get a taste of home.”

Fernandez also talked about the opportunities to give back to the community in Shenzhen. “There are many charity organizations here, many more than in smaller towns around the country. I would love to be involved with charity work here in the city in some way, especially if it relates to helping animals.”

Fernandez said she plans to stay in the city for quite a while. “I have found a great opportunity here, working in marketing for a newer, multinational computer game company. I would love to keep growing with the company.”

She said her only issue with Shenzhen is connecting with other expats from her home country. “I have met so many awesome people here, but no one from Mexico! If you are from Mexico, or if you know someone who is, please reach out to me!”


Editor: sylvia

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