A spiritual journey of ancient villages in Guangdong
2012-September-11 Source: Newsgd.com
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Liangxi Village [Jiangmen City]

Located in Jiang Men City, Guangdong Province, Liangxi Village is a charming old village with a history of nearly one thousand years. It’s remarkable that the whole village maintains the original look even during the turbulent modern history of China.

Though Liangxi Village is small, there are all kinds of ancient Lingnan style architectures, including memorial archways, ancestral halls, temples and watch towers etc. Among which, the ancient dwellings are mainly made with grey bricks, with exquisite brick carvings, ash statues and Chinese ink painting in the eaves. Narrow and interlaced stone alleys distributed in the dwellings, filled with heavy archaic smell.

A long ancient path which passes through the whole village makes the local villagers proud. This path used to be the only way to connect the outside. Goods including tobacco and tea etc. had been transported to other places continuously before the end of Qing Dynasty (AD1911), creating two famous millionaires in Liangxi Village.

There is a broad moat and a one-kilometer long wall around Liangxi Village with a history of more than five hundred years as well as two watch towers in both entrances of the village respectively. It was these fortifications that protected Liangxi Village from the damage of modern war against foreign aggression and previous turbulent situation in China.

Transport: Drive to Tangxia Park, Tangxia Town, Peng Jiang District, Jiang Men City, then ask local residents to find the way to enter Liangxi Village. Or take Bus 22 in Peng Jiang District to get off at Tangxia Park Station, then take a motorbike to the village. (You’d better ask for the motorbike driver's number so that you can called him to pick you up when you want to leave)

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