First Chinese Protestant minister
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When young Cantonese usher in Christmas, they only regard it as a hilarious festival. Take a while and people will think about when this western religion——Christianity migrated to this ancient country.

Born in a poor family in Zhaoqin, Guangdong, Leung Faat (Liang Fa in Chinese pinyin) is the first Chinese Protestant minister and evangelist. Leung Faat’s extraordinary life can be concluded into those three numbers——one book named Benevolent Words to Advise the World, arrest by Qing Government for two times, three-time participations in the publication of Chinese newspaper. Renowned by many first-Chinese titles, Leung Faat made a great contribution to Chinese culture and history in the modern China.

Leung Faat was not able to afford schooling fees until he was eleven years old. But four years later, he still dropped out because of poverty and thus he was forced to make a living in Guangzhou. His first job was to make pen and then he learned how to print and carve the characters. In 1810, he was employed in a printing house where he met Robert Morrison, the first missionary to China. Morrison asked Leung to print the Chinese version of the Bible and it was through these close contacts with Morrison and his associate, William Milne, that Liang began to have some understanding of the Christian faith.

In 1815, Leung was employed by Milne and went with him to Malacca. Gradually, Leung became a devoted Christian in Malacca. He was baptized by Milne on November 3, 1816. In 1834, Leung’s missionary work was threatened by the Imperial Chinese Government and he fled to Malaysia. While there at Malacca he worked alongside English missionary Samuel Dyer with his printing and translation efforts. After the Opium War, he continued his missionary work in Hong Kong and Guangzhou and died in 1855.

Through all Leung Faat’s life, the greatest contribution was that he used the new religion belief to rescue people’s soul. Reckless of danger, Leung handed out his pamphlets to introduce Christianity because he realized that it was opium trade that did great harm to Chinese life. And anther first title for him is that he established the first ethnic Chinese church school.

Because of differences, the world can be diversified and colorful. Leung Faat was that person in China who adds more colors to Chinese people’s soul in Qing dynasty, enriching their formulized mentality.

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