Whampoa Military Academy
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Graduates from the academy became a pillar of the National Revolutionary Army in the (War of Resistance against Japan). They also played a leading role in the fight against the military clique. In the eight-year War of Resistance against Japan, millions of heroes sacrificed their lives. Not all of them were graduates of the Whampoa Military Academy, but their bravery and devotion were in line with the spirit of that institution. More than 200 teachers and students from the academy had served as division commanders in the National Revolutionary Army, and they commanded two-thirds of the country’s military forces to win a lot of skirmishes. These included, notably, the Battle of Pingxingguan, the Battle of Tai’erzhuang, the Battle of Kunlunguan and the Battle of 100 Regiments. They composed a glorious chapter within the history of China.

As time has worn on, the academy has been transformed into the Whampoa Military Academy Former Site Museum, which in 1988 was listed as a cultural unit under the state-level protection. The academy was established on such a distant island so as to avoid the dangers posed by the military clique and to facilitate training. Nowadays, the museum stands as a witness to the memorable history on that quiet island.

The Whampoa Military Academy Former Site Museum has a reconstructed campus, a Dr. Sun Yatsen memorial room, Zhongshan Park, a monument to Sun Yat-sen, a club, a swimming pool, the Eastern Expedition Martyrs Tomb, the Jiaosi Pavilion, Shenji Park, the Monument to the Northern Expedition, Baihegang Fortress, and Dapodi Fortress, to name but a few. The war is now far away fram us. However, the primitive tables, the worn windows and tidy playground remain as visible reminders of the history of the academy and the patriotic young people who sacrificed their lives for China's revolutionary cause.

Female students of the academy

In October 1926, the northern expeditionary army occupied Wuhan, and established the Wuhan branch of the Whampoa Military Academy. In early 1927, the branch school started recruiting female students, admitting an initial cohort of barely 200 girls to form the women’s troupe. In February 1927, the opening ceremony of the branch school was held.

School motto

Dr. Sun Yat-sen wrote down motto of the academy – “Camaraderie.” On the school gate hangs a board proclaiming “Welcome, revolutionaries.” On both side of the gate is an antithetical couplet declaring “Be gone, greedy people and cowards.”


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