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Guangdong is one of China’s 31 provinces. Situated in the southern part of China’s mainland, the province has an area of 179,800 square kilometers, accounting for 1.85% of China’s land area. The sea coast, which runs northeast to southwest, totals 3,368 kilometers, and accounts for one-fifth of China’s total coastline. The province has 41.93 square kilometers of sea area in its jurisdiction. Also, the province has 1,431 islands of different sizes, with a total area of 1,600 square kilometers and a total coastline of 2,414.4 kilometers. The main inland rivers are the Pearl River, the Hanjiang River, Moyang River and Jianjiang River.

The topography of the province is high in the north and low in the south, with five mountains in the north and the South Chins Sea in the south. The province is crisscrossed by mountains, plains and hills, with the highest peak being the 1,902-meter Shikengkong, at the northwestern tip of the mountainous area.

The province is in the subtropical belt, with the Tropic of Cancer running through the middle of the province’s land area. The climate is warm, and rainfall is abundant.

The province is rich in natural resources. It has over 6,000 plant species, over 700 animal species, ample water resources, over 800 species of fish and 131 mineral varieties with excellent development prospects.

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